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Chain Mail Chess Set Answered

This entire chess set is made out of chain mail. The amount of work that must have gone into this is mind-boggling. You will certainly lose the nice sound of solidly dropping a piece into a new strategic location, but maybe the clank of chain mail on chain mail will be even more satisfying.



 i think we can use the sick term for you my friend because you are mentally sick:))))) i like the project very very much:) did you sell it?

That is totally freakin AWESOME! AND SICK!

I am curious, why do you think it is sick?

It means that its totally awesome!! or just really cool.. its just a expression

Ah, a new one to put in my vocabulary :-) Thanks

 haha "sick" is a pretty relaxed term, so don't use it too seriously

I always thought the slang "sick" meant horrible, or disgusting.  *shrug*


Yeah, that's kind of what I thought:


Pronunciation: 'sik
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English sek, sik, from Old English sEoc; akin to Old High German sioh sick
1. Not feeling good.

2 a (1) : affected with disease or ill health : AILING (2) : of, relating to, or intended for use in sickness <sick pay> <a sick ward>


Now used as the newest word to replace cool. Something that you've never seen before.

and then,  THIS daffy-nition  

1. to feel ill, or not well.
2. A secondary word for awesome.
3. Gross, disgusting.
4. Tired, pissed off.
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The words have been changed to protect the guilty....... ;-) 


 no thats the "right" definition, but the slang term means something is good or awesome 

sick meant ill,  litterally,  but in slang terms it once meant  something that was gross, not just infected :-)

Curse you neurotypical people! I, like Goodhart, thought you meant acyually sick! Aspergers syndrome can be so frustrating...

As far as I remember, in middle school all the ladies used to call anything disgusting sick, no...?

Yeah, other then one being ill,  sick meant totally gross (as a slang term anyways)  *shrug*

With authentic Renaissance era battle sounds! 


This is the link to the guy who made the chess board. He makes baskets, statues, sculptures, and anything else you could possibly imagime out of chainmail...I was into making chainmail for quite some time and from what I know it took about 5 years from idea to final product for the chess board. He was also trying to sell the chess set for around $15,000.00 last time i checked


8 years ago

i hope someone makes a guide to making this

my rating: **********; 10/5 stars

That is Sick...


 Also... Just an aside... Sick is more precisely applied to something that is Cool or Awesome... but also a bit Crazy. Skateboard and Surfer lingo... That 50 Foot wave he rode was SICK! (Awesome... and a bit crazy)

Epic win!

Man, I wish I had the patience to do something like this.... 

hly crap ***** 5 star :-)

That is simply amazing. My guy and I collect chess sets, but I dont see this happening anytime soon :)
Sick= awesome. Crazy, isnt it? But apparently its the latest rage and all the kids are saying it! Reminds me of when "sweet" and "tight" were started.

 Amazingly cool. It must have taken a lot if hard work to make all of that.

Very Cool.

I must best this! TO THE SILLY PUTTY! silly putty's actually VERY hard to make hold a shape for any length of time without baking it first

Dats rad dawg.

How the heck do you mold the chain mail? pretty groovy

I imagine by changing the number of links in each row of mail, kind of like increasing and decreasing as you knit.

where can you get this at?