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Chain Mail Items Needed - Non-Traditional Answered

Greetings all,     I'm in need of a few chain mail items that would be considered non-traditional, either fabrication or instruction for such would be my goal.

Item One : A traditional Islamic-Muslim Kufi-style skull cap, is it possible to do this item in chain mail ?

Item Two : Looking to line a long coat-great coat with chain mail panels, more a removable liner-style vest-shirt is what I have in mind.

Any parties with suggestions or referrals to suppliers-artisans would be much appreciated, thanks !


If you have patterns for cloth versions of these items then I think you can also make them from chain mail. Make chain mail "cloth" in the shape of the pattern and attach with more rings to "sew" them together.

For general chain mail methods try https://www.instructables.com/id/European-4-in-1-maille-chainmail-speedweaving/

Thank you for the kindness of your reply, the metallic Kufi would be a part of my wardrobe and likely worn as such, the other, the panel-liner would be part of a coat being modified-made for a what could be considered a cosplay but intended as a 'practical' item for everyday wear.

Any pics of exactly what you want in chainmail? There are some artisans here that do chainmail and the non-traditonal soda-can-tab chainmail. Is this a historic reproduction or cosplay of some sort?