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Chainsaw bike Answered

Hey every one i'm gonna make a chain saw powered bike do you think i should do an instructable on it !



6 years ago

I'm thinking about making a go cart... Yeah it's going to cost probably ofer $1000. But it will be street legal and have winter tires. I'm thinking about running it with a chainsaw for each wheel. How fast do u think it will go with 2 chainsaws?

If it is a well documented instructable, it would be great! Make sure you document each step with good pictures! Good Luck!

Thanks i just got to get the supplies and the time. Its hard to do when your in middle school! Ill make sure to take very detailed pictures and good step by step illustrations

 Dude, focus on what is going to get you ahead in life, like grades, or family, but not your bike.  I made the mistake of working on a few bikes in middle school instead of studying and now I'm doing terribly as a freshman in high school.  Whatever you do, just remember to study and get good grades.

I don't think anyone should limit themselves to just studying and schoolwork.  It is important as a teenager to create a balance between personal interests and schoolwork. 

I don't think Charger_06 is wasting time on Instructables - he hasn't posted since November '08.

 actually, I might be wasting time on this site. *switches to DR.STEEL*

 No, I'm talking about the main focus.

Hell yea! Just make sure the blade isn't too close to the seat...

i just posted a instructable on it https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-really-cool-gas-powered-motor-bike/

As noted in the comments to that I'ble, it would be much more effective if you included actual photos from your build. If you didn't build one, then you should say so in the introduction.


8 years ago

Go for it I met be making a weed whacker bike!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good idea to test the market for the need for an instructable before you go through with the effort. We look forward to seeing the beast when its finished. It will be from Stilhl to 50 in 5 seconds. It needs a cool name, something like - Speed Slasher or Chained and Deranged

Hope this answers a few questions or gives you something to think about. It will do 30 mph or 50km and it goes 20 km or 12 miles on a large coffee cup of gas

power trailer 2nd design painted June2nd 001.jpgpower trailer 2nd design painted June2nd 004.jpgpower trailer 2nd design painted June2nd 003.jpg

hats cool but y is it so long?i would of mounted the chainsaw over that fender w/ that rack. oh yea and what is the final ratio for the pulleys? heres the linlk to what im trying to a Weed Wacker Bike i want to put the chainsaw engine in instead

The length of the trailer is just the way it worked out. I placed the saw motor in the frame to lower the centre of gravity. Even with it placed in the middle of the frame and at the lower height it can still cause a bit of a balance issue at 20mph or 32kmh when you are trying to pedal. When you just use the motor at this speed there is no real concern with balance. I do not know the ratio. I wasn't concerned about the ratio I figured I could use the gears on the tire to adjust the ratio and speed of the wheel. This has worked out well, I find the second lowest gear is what works good for me. I am building another trailer this spring and it will be quite a bit shorter.

The bike works well at 30kph. It can go as fast as 50kph. It will go 20 kilometers on one tank which is 1/2 a litre. This means I am getting about 92 miles to the gallon.

Could I use a flat thing like a RADIO-FLYER instead of a bike?

Also, what would you say the weight limit is? I'm a little on the heavy side...

I am not sure what you mean by a radio flyer. I am visualision a small red kids wagon when I here the words radio flyer. I am not sure how you would hit the gearing without a bit of math or a lot of trail and error. Your question on what the weight limit would be just a matter of gearing. This set up would move some one 230 lbs but you would have to drop down one gear on the trailer bike tire sprocket.

Yeah, a little red kiddy wagon. I'd probably reinforce it and make it longer and put different wheels on it, but the same basic idea. I just want the chainsaw to spin a bike chain which will go to a Reciever (the sprocket(?) or gear on the bike tire that moves it) on the back axle.

How did you get the belts to fit in the engine? I have a guard were i pull start it and thats wheree the thing spins so how did you connect that belt to it? I'm kinda new at this so any tips or how to hook the the belts up would be helpful.

I had the same idea a while back, I was goingto use a lawnmower engine instead though

10 years ago

New to this community. I very much would appreciate any help in finding a company to purchase a gas motor(preferably 40ccs) for a Kulana moon dog cruiser bike.. Hope to hear from some of you soon.. thank you..

Umm, my McCullough chainsaw is two-stroke, but it's 36ccs. This size is common for 16 inch chainsaws, I find, so haunt anywhere that sells things secondhand: fleamarket, yard sales, junkyard. Some thrift stores, pawnshops maybe. As for sourcing a brand-new motor, I don't believe I've ever done that for anything, so I wouldn't know who to ask.

Is there any way to use an old leafblower? I know they have motors in them.

You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about building motorized bikes over at motoredbikes.com it’s a great forum with 100s of users and 1000s of posts I learned everything I needed to know to build my motorized bike from the guys over there. I motorized my Gary Fisher Mamba last fall, which I then striped the engine off of this past month to mount it to a new Kulana Moon Dog Cruiser since I really wanted something a bit more retro looking, that and I wanted my MTB back too since it made more since to me to put the motor on a $100 wal-mart bike then my $500 GF.. Gas prices are really diving up interest in the hobby lately.

i got a weed wacker and took out the engine. it was the wrong type and would not catch the teeth of the chain. so were can i find a thingy to put on my engine so it will cath the teeth?

With a weed whacker the vertical shaft is perfect for friction driving the back wheel with another wheel, giving you the equivalent to an outboard on a boat, it's also really easy to mount, it can go alright, I had a 28 cc weed whacker engine doing this before but it can be slow to start moving, unless the engine really is powerful, this one was a monster aswell, it had the metal destruction disc attachment for cutting bushes, I found a circular saw blade could be mounted to make a tree cutter... Also if you were into it you could sculpt with it.

are you talking about the sprocket if you are you can get them at most hardware and bicycle shops.

im a nooby to all this stuff, so were can i find a web sight that explains how to make a motorised bike step by step?

no where i think. thats why killerjackalope and my self are putting some instructables up about them. Plus people will really like them.

If you can't be bothered making one, I'll be making one soon enough with full suspension and possibly 7 gears (if not then three) But mine may not be a chiansaw bike, It might be one of several tools similar in design and failing that it'll be an 8hp compressor engine and probably a seperate instructable on making a clutch and drive mechanism (and possibly moving the governor spring back to give 4000Rpm rather than 3500) I have the engine but prefer the idea of a chainsaw based machine because it's more ready made and would weigh less.

cool, Well i'm not gonna go through the trouble with all the gears but i've found the perfect gear ratio though. For a typical 45cc chain saw it puts out about 8000 to 9000 rpm so the best one to pull some one is 13/1. For your gears you might want to try this website. http://www.arachnoid.com/bike/index.html I know its for bicycles but you can get all sorts of info on speed torque and other stuff with your gear ratio. thanks for your advice


cool, the only thing is I just found a motorised lawnmower engine bike that gave me a great idea for mounting and running a much larger engine thatn before, I may even be able cram in an old 12hp engine from a generator, again it runs at around 3500rpm but has way more torque, the idea of mine is to have enough gears to effectively make something that can go at serious speeds (I worked out a few things guessing the revolutions at pedalling in top gear on a bike that has the same gears, If I can pedall at say 200rpm tops and do around 30 then ofter some reduction gears up front, I reckon 60-70 MPH is possible on the 8Hp if the engine has the power an torque to get there (it most likely doesn't but my goal is only 50mph... Also what kind of clutch system are you planning to use?

uh well the chain saw has its on centrifugal force clutch so thats what i was gonna use. And if i got a 21 speed bike you wont need a clutch pedal. Witch i dont think that thats the best way to go because of all the gears. Half of them would put the engine in a bind. The best bet is to make your own gear ratios. What kind of brakes would you use because the standard rubber pads will wear out to quick. I was thinking of disc brakes but they only are on the newer $200-$500 bikes. I'm going to try to come up with a roller system. It will gradually stop it thought so it might not be as effective? Oh and don't you think a 12hp generator engine would be to top heavy plus there would be a lot of vibrations too? Would it be chain driven?

I want to cut the middle section of the bike just in front of the bottom bracket and add the engine in on a plate welded to and extending bar, low down as possible, also I only plan to use the back gears, The old shimano ratios I have on the bike are good for all seven gears with a clever reduction, I don't mind shifting lots in return for better acceleration and cruising... Maybe go with the circular saw blade disc brakes, personally I the bike has V brakes like no other on it... and invincible pads, I ride faster than the traffic and can out stop alot of stuff (I also did a test one a hill that gets me to about 40mph, I had about 25KG extra load on the bike and it stopped really well, either that or I'll go really nuts and nick the calipers from car disc brakes, scrap is easy to get for me...) I'm thinking crank to clutch/gearbox the chain to back gears, the other idea I had was to face the engine so the crank was backwards with three speed gearbox and a a direct drive to the axle, though this would be haevier and much harder on the whole bike (and pricey) By the way the other bike frame is getting turned into something very very odd indeed... involving either rollerblades or rocketry