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Chainsaw & 3 Wheel Stunt Bike, help? Answered

Well, I just pulled out a old chainsaw I have (needs a new gasket, but I'm getting that fixed today) and wanted to attach it to this really neat stunt bike thing I have. It's almost like this Scooter except mine is a lot bigger and instead of one straight body, the back of it is a lot like a manual push deely they use in warehouses to lift skids up, it splits out into two seperate "plates" and have wide skateboard wheels on each one. The front is just a small bike tire, I need to get a picture and will when I can, but I need to know how I would rig this up.


What is wrong with your chainsaw? 2-stokes are usually hard to break. L

Well it just won't run. It's got compression and one hell of a pull to it. And when we got it from the dump, it was missing some kind of cover to go overtop of the carb.

Compression is good. You might only be missing the air-box from the carb'? (These can be improvised) Have you dismantled and cleaned the carb' and was there gas in the float-chamber? Then there's the ignition system. If you remove the plug, clean it, gap it, and get someone to pull while holding it against the block - does it spark? Don't give up, 2-strokes can be great fun. L

I figured it should run without the air box, but I thought I might add that. I did take apart the carb and blasted the non-fragile areas with compressed air, there was gas in it, so it was fine. The spark plug, I actually never did test the spark, when I go to this engine course I have every week, I'll use this spark tester the instructor has.

The air-box (like the exhaust) has an effect upon airflow and performane. It also keeps crap out. But it may just be an ignition problem. Good luck, I love chainsaws! L


Chainsaws are always fun, especially when they're particularly razor sharp and cut real nice. Is that a husky in that picture? I heard they're really easy to take apart, but the stihl's are a pain in the ass.

That Stihl is a great machine, never been a problem. I've only taken it apart to adjust the chain and clean sawdust out of the chain-lube feed (easy). And it is very sharp. L

Let me tell you, chainsaws weren't designed for propulsion. (obviously) But, that problem is, chainsaws were made to run at two speeds, idle, and full throttle. They dont run very well in between. You may be able to just rev the engine, and have the centrifugal clutch drop, then hold it at full throttle till you get to the speed you like. Might work, might not.

I like fast, so it would most likely be full throttle or idle XD

nevermind, the chainsaw is "fucked"