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Chalk Drawings Answered

Here are some amazing chalk drawings done by Julian Beever. When seen from just the right angle, these drawings have an amazingly 3D appearance.



Oh, I saw this a while back. Thanks for posting this into a forum topic!

These are absolutely awesome! I remember printing a bunch of these out and giving them to my art teacher.

Those look so real!


10 years ago

These are great--you don't get a real feel for the artistry involved until you see the images from the incorrect perspective, and the illusion falls apart.... I've got a book on this stuff, historically it's called "anamorphic" art, and has been around since the renaissance. This guy seems not to work so much from a mathematical approach (a transformed projection), but does it naturally. He just checks the progress periodically through a fixed POV (camera on tripod.) Amazing...

Amazing, they really are great, the depth is really believable aswell...