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Chalkboard paint + Degrade Spruce Plywood + Primer? Answered

So this is my first real project and I really don't wanna screw it up.

3/8" x 4' x 8' Degrade Spruce Plywood = $11.94
Chalkboard Paint - Black (887ml) = $21.50
Primer = (?)

I'm thinking of sanding the plywood, then applying primer (what kind of primer? I have no clue about that), then two coats of the chalkboard paint.

Is there anything wrong with my plan?


I think you mean "D" grade plywood? I think I've only seen A. B. or C, exterior grade, patched and sanded. That might be rough. You might want to get a sheet of MDF(medium density fiberboard- sawdust/glue compressed into a sheet) which is solid and has a perfect surface if you have not purchased or got your plywood yet.

Easiest to use regular water based latex primer, same stuff for interior/exterior house painting. When dry, should be compatible with the chalk board paint.. Oil based is more heavy duty use but what the primer is really for is to seal the open pore wood surface and makes a nice grab coat for the finish paint.

Use one of those foam rollers to get a nice even coat. You might want to sand it lightly after priming to get the grain that raised up. Good luck.

I copy and pasted the "degrade" name for the plywood.

How much more expensive is the MDF?... I'm trying my best to keep the costs of this project down.

Would any of these be any good?

Thanks for the tips about the primer and sanding :-)

I guess you are trying to make a gigantic chalkboard.

A a call or visit to a home center/hardware store would confirm what the prices are for your location. MDF may or may not be more expensive but the tradeoff that it is a perfect base for your chalkboard without any grain showing through. You could even go with a thinner MDF 1/4" or build up panels of pressboard/masonite- are you attaching it to a wall or need to bolster the thinner sheet with some furring strips/bracing? Then there is making your own chalkboard paint. All it is, a scoop of grout mixed in with regular paint to give it that "grit" or tooth for the chalk. There is an instructable or two on that. Depending on what you have in mind for your chalkboard, there are a lot of ways to go about it.

I'm planning on making two 2x1.25 meter chalkboards.

Haven't really thought of how to hang it just yet. Was thinking 4 simple drill holes in each corner, but I might take some time to think of a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Would it really be worth it to make my own paint? What I mean is cost wise, how much would I be looking at in savings? I'm guessing just the cost of regular paint and change for the grout? Just afraid I'm gonna mess up the paint and have a not so smooth surface.

Also, was wondering if I should sand-prime-sand-paint-paint? or just prime-sand-paint-paint?

Oh, just do it. You really can't mess up. Sand a little first, dust off with a rag or vaccum, prime, it may get some more bumps, sand if needed, paint with chalkboard paint. Best to give it a day to dry between coats. Never tried the homemade paint but if you ever needed a custom color, you have to DIY. I think you use the unsanded grout- fine grit, not the pebbly kind with sand in it as filler. Try that with some leftover paint on something else, like a table...

Actually, I've found a MDF for $5 60 inches by 49 inches. Just gotta go pick it up!

Thanks for the advice again.