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Challenge: Find an alternative use for all those IDE and floppy cables just laying around leftover from the dawn of PCs? Answered

As everyone knows, since SATA came out, IDE and SCSI (termed as scuzzy) quickly became out-dated, now all these cables are just laying everywhere.  As and example, back at my dad's office, there are hundreds of floppy, ide, and scsi cables just everywhere, and i think it's hundreds of each. I'ma get a box and start compiling dem all.

a picture of standard IDE cables, incase some of you don't know.

Above picture has a 2x20 pin array
scsi internal cable usually has a 2x25, atleast the one i have
and floppy if modified correctly has a straight through 2x17 array

Now the challenge is, to find a great way to reuse these cables, it doesn't have to be an electronic related thing, if you don't want it to be. Now i've always thought, maybe a great cable management solution, something like two cards with some hdmi an rca inputs that connect together with this cable to clean up a home entertainment setup, that is one idea. or a wire harness thingy, to connect power, video/audio signals, etc.
non-electric ideas would be like, maybe weave them together somehow to make a chair or something, maybe take off the connectors split each cable and weave them like a speaker grill, or just split them to use the individual wires for like, speaker leads, or just leads if you're a prototyper, like if you mess will arduino or raspberri pi

There are lots more things you can do, but those are just some ideas... can you think of more?


I keep a stock of them around for wire harness use in projects. Some people convert the connectors into DIY breadboards.

hmm, that is a pretty good idea, connectors for breadboards, cables for connecting things, i do need to make a few custom harnesses, i'll keep that in mind


4 years ago

It's pretty sad but sometimes obsolescence is very frustrating. I have several large plastic tubs full of brand new cables. And not just any cables, mine are the custom round ones that were used for custom case modding. Some of them are glow in the dark, some UV and some are sheathed in metal mesh, copper and silver. Great cables, now useless and money down the drain.

However, I still do use them for myself. My latest mother board didn't even have an IDE connector and I believe that is true with most new ones so I bought a PCIE add on card with IDE connectors. I still have many many drives that use IDE and I often work on old computers that have only IDE. In addition if you do any data recovery your going to need IDE.  Even after all these years I still sometimes have people ask if I can find out what is on a large 4 1/4 floppy disk that they found in a relatives stuff. Yes, I still have an old computer with one of those drives just for that purpose. 


wow, that is alot, i do some data recovery also, i never had recovered someone elses drive, but i had to recover one of mine that repartitioned itself for no reason, might i recommend test disk, last stable version is 6.14, very useful, it scans the raw data on the disk and can copy them to a different.

As do I.