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Chandelier sunrise alarm integrated in wall switch Answered

Hello guys I found some nice instructables here about making a sunrise alarm clock, like the Philips wake-up alarm.
I was wondering if it is possible (and how :D) to male a circuit with an lcd (maybe by reusing some cheap alarm clock) and put it inside the wall switch which operates the lamp in the chandelier by slowly increasing the light and reaching the full bright when the time is set to wake up!
That would be awesome!

Thanks for helping,


That does sound fantastic - I'm sure someone on here might have a solution. :D

An Arduino based sunrise clock like this one is a good start. But rather then running LEDs the arduino will send its PWM signals to a dimmer kit like this one. Of course some tweaking of the code and adjustments to the kit will be needed to get the light working properly.

If your using compact florescent bulbs in the fixture then make sure they are dim able.

Do a google search for Arduino AC dimming for more help and tips.

I can't help personally, but that sounds like a marketable idea!

Thought the same before posting but I just don't have the skills to build the prototype! :-P

Maybe after a bit of more helpful feedback than I've been able to give?