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Change License for Instructables Answered

I uploaded a PDF of an Instructable that I made to my blog. This Instructable is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license. Unfortunately, my application for Google AdSense on my blog was rejected, and I believe that it was due to this file, since they did not try to verify me as the owner of the PDF. I have taken the PDF down now to get approval from Google, but I would like to offer it the PDF in the future. I tried to switch the license to a Creative Commons Attribution license to do this. However, this does not seem to update my Instructable.

Here are a few details: 
1. I tried to update the license using the sidebar for my Instructable.
2. This did not work in Chrome 26 or IE 10 on a Windows 8 desktop.
3. The Instructable in question is featured and was the winner of the Pi day contest. 
4. Is the copyright locked after winning a contest? I think that changing copyright to a looser license should be fine, but maybe I am mistaken.



5 years ago

Hi PC, I just tested this on my own Instructable, and had no problem changing a license.
If you're just clicking on the sidebar, that's not going to work - it's just a display for people trying to figure out what the abbreviated license means. To change the license, you have to click "edit" on your Instructable, then go to the "publish" tab within the editor. Scroll to the bottom, select your license, then click the "save changes" button at the very bottom.

If that doesn't work, let me know!

The copyright is not locked or change. The I'ble content is your intellectual property, and you can change the license as you wish (see the Terms of Service for details).

One issue with your attempted change is probably that the PDF generation is not done "live." Instead, when you update/republish an I'ble, it gets queued up, and a back end server regenerates the PDF version in a batch. It's usually about a day or so before the change percolates through.

Another issue could be (and please note that I am not a lawyer :-) that the PDF version, like the e-books, is considered one of the "added value" features which Instructables itself provides. Not the content (which your IP), but the packaging is theirs; that's one reason why access to the PDFs/e-books was made part of the paid membership system when that was introduced four (five? no, four) years ago. You may need to check the ToS to ensure that it is actually okay to redistribute the PDF, rather than providing a link or embedding to the Web-based version of the I'ble.

You may also want to contact service (at) instructables.com directly, and explain your situation. They are a small group of very nice humans, and are more willing to try to find a way for this to work, than they are to "lawyer up" :-)

Thank you. That is great advice. I will contact them for permission about redistributing the license.

There still seems to be a bug with changing licenses. Even if I try to change the license on the web based Instructable (not PDF), no change occurs. The change button in the sidebar is completely non-responsive.

I doubt the PDF was the issue, unless the license is somehow part of the file's meta data.

Could it be the Amazon referal links?

Thanks Kiteman. I took the PDF down and they approved me for Adsense without any other changes. Now I just need to figure out how to get the license changed here :).

Yes. Google monitors all adsense pages for continued copyright enforcement. I could post it and then appeal when it gets me in trouble, but I'd rather just change the license so that anyone can use it. Thank you for your help so far!