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Change a projector lamp to LED ? Answered

I have an Infocus model x1 projector the lamp is burned out how can i change the lamp to use a high power LED bulb the lamp is 100-120V - 3A 50/60 Hz input

I've never done this level of electronics but lamps for this thing is almost 250 bucks ....




Biggest problem is the original source is near as damn it a point source, the LEDs are all extended sources.

so the problem is going to be a directional source from an LED don't they make pinpoint LED's that have a concentrated beam ? or am i misunderstanding you ?

BTW lamp just looks like a glorified light bulb i can take the cage apart and it pops out if i found say a flashlight with the same size reflector and somehow placed an high powered LED in it would that work ?

I'm concerned about melting any source i use in place of the reflective lens and someone told me if the light isn't right the power source backreads the light somehow and won't work the light is that right ?

That's right. The HBO lamp in a projector is an INTENSELY bright point source. It makes the optics simpler.

For the cost, its got to be worth at least trying one of the super-duper floodlight LEDs.

Certainly looks point-ier than the floodlights ! What have you got to lose ? It works, and your projector works, or it doesn't, and you have a nice bright LED for something else.

I think I maybe on to a dead projector, do you want to work together?

that looks like a great project, why not start with a LED spot light, you could strip it down to fit. I have only seen 12 volt LEDs, but you can get a step down transformer.
Be careful with that projector lamp they contain mercury which is very poisonous.


Its metallic mercury, you'll be hard pressed to poison yourself with it.

I have a bottle of real Mercury i'v had since i was a kid my grandfather used to repair tv's and radio's i used to play with the stuff when i was a kid all the time now its just something to look at the small bottle weighs about a pound of course this was before anyone knew it was such a danger .
I DO NOT recommend playing with the stuff at all ......

think again steveastrouk, Ive been poisoned by it 3 times it nasty stuff
have a look at

Mercury is probably the most toxic non-radioactive metal in the environment. It is a poison! It is highly toxic to humans and ANY AMOUNT is harmful to the cells and tissues of human beings, according to Roy B. Kupsinel, MD, author of A Patient's Guide to Mercury-Amalgam Toxicity - A Major Common Denominator of Degenerative Disease. The World Health Organization declared there is no safe level of mercury for human beings - in other words, mercury is so poisonous that no amount of mercury absorption is safe. (1992) Dental amalgams (fillings) are classified as a hazardous material by OSHA and recommend a "no-touch" technique in handling amalgams. A facemask should be used to avoid breathing amalgam dust, and hazardous waste instructions used for disposal!

Mercury amalgam woo-woo has been around for 30 years, with little clear evidence for problems one way or the other.  You can quote what you like, but the peer-reviewed literature is unclear. Put it this way, no country in the world (except sweden) has banned amalgam fillings yet. The US Life sciences research office did a review about three years ago (http://www.lsro.org/presentation_files/amalgam/amalgam_execsum.pdf), which has detailed conclusions about amalgams that you might like to read

Metallic mercury has a half life in the body of around 2 weeks. Most compounds likewise about 4 weeks.

Problems will occur with continuous exposure to high levels of vapour - spills of volumes of mercury, left undetected.

You can take in metallic mercury and pass it directly. It IS poisonous, I am not disputing that, and persistent in the environment, and organic compounds of it ARE truly poisonous (ie methylmercury compounds, but a one off exposure to the vapours in a tube won't give you a toxic dose, and what there is will clear very quickly.

Mercury containing tubes should be disposed of properly, but the contents won't kill you on exposure

I work with metallic mercury regularly, and have never been poisoned by it.

I still love that it's 2012 and we're injecting mercury compounds into our mouths.

I have a fair number of amalgam fillings my dentist doesn't think they should be replaced!.

It was quite common when I was at school to allow school kids to put thir hands in mercury to feel the weight and see it roll off their skin. - Washing after of course.

That was 50 years ago and I don't seem to have suffered. AFAIK
yes I am aware of the current attitude to the dangers.

+1 The hazard of metallic mercury is blown out of all proportion.

Amazon carry mains versions of the same LED security light I have one outside.

Your biggest challenge beyond fitting things in will be to overcome the electronic interlock many lamps and controllers have on them to make sure you use the companies expensive lamp as a replacement.

There are youtube videos showing how to do this.