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Change phone language from spanish to english Answered

I have a Sprint Sanyo Katana, some of my friends thought it would be funny to change the language to spanish. I can not find how to change the language back, partially due to the menus in spanish are different from the english menus on Sprint's online manual, and partially due to everything is abbreviated to fit on the screen. Google was no help.


Look in the phone manual, available on the net if you've lost yours, and see how to do a hard reset.  THat would reset the language back to English if it was in English when you bought it.

Take a basic Spanish course. I'd advise you ask "them" to put it back if I thought they knew how, but I suspect they don't.
Do you know any Spanish speakers?


I do speak a bit of Spanish but I can't figure it out because of all the abbreviations which is the same reason that I wasn't able to just use a translator to go through the menus. I will probably get the Spanish teacher at my high school to help me out though. Thanks lemoine

If you knew the menu by position it would be easy, but you don't because you've never used it (who does?) - nasty prank that - get them back eh?
I once (successfully) used a cash-point with no screen 'cos I knew the menu...