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Changing Your User Name Answered

If you are thinking of changing your user name, or creating a replacement account, these names all appeared to be available today:

spoodle pibbler spongdoodle ptwingoid mimbly phthyppy cruddite titicaca toastron QTMcWhiskers woodlouse ichneumon tastycrat fingerlician melllvar gasolinda dynamike

brian damage, stick chick, bent metal, anon rodgers, joey mousepad, electric cornflake, currency cat, ted maul, the increduloid, norbert dentressangle, window licker, metal mickey, dennis plaxton, ethel acetate, harold woodchip, frank plasterboard, milton keynes, edna coaldust, hector cement, albatross benson, lionel peppercorn, kevin fluff, permission granted, major woody, private parts, knex recycler, molten boron, ninja muffininator, ninja terminator, beg tets, odd bob, strange dave, spam master, sieve master, grease master, cheese eater, mr onions, wavey davey, whale omlette, penguin burger, sheep squeezer, fork bender, pork man, slime muncher, salty jim, PVC maniac, perineal sutures

Football (soccer):
Eindhoven de gekste!, counterfeit Madrid, strathcarnage, portsmouth bubblejet, PNE

No!, medical meat supplies, licenced to ill, licenced to bungle, epileptic fridge boy, batch files R us, golden ninja warrior




Then how did he post this if there was no internet? And I think there was internet 7 years ago.

That does not make cents(or dollars). If you do a google search when the internet was invented, it says around 1990. I don't think that this year is 1997 so there definitely was internet 7 years ago.

Technically the internet has existed since the 60's, the world wide web was created in 1989 by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee while working for CERN in Switzerland (the same place that has the large hadron collider).

But I'm more concerned about the Matrix.

Never listen to Caitlinsdad. The internet still hasn't been invented.

My old User name "Jack Smith" can not be recognize, I am so curious about it. So I register with a new account.

Somebody has had a boring day?

(now that I've finished laughing) - something like. I just thought some user names lacked imagination, and with things like molten boron still available...
How was the trip then?


Pretty good - I can heartily recommend the beaches at Rock for good sandcastle sand, and, even though we didn't go to birdwatch, I saw rock pipits, fulmars, puffins, razorbills, guillemots and I had twenty five buzzard sightings in a week - that's more than the last five years altogether for me!

The Eden Project is still worth a visit.

We especially found the locals to be very friendly - I had asthma trouble on the Sunday (like a fool, I left my inhaler at home), and when we asked a chap in the street for directions to an open pharmacist, he realised what was wrong with me, and ran home to get his wife's unused spare inhaler. I never even got his name!


And Im in Canada!

But I also see Merlins a fair bit, and although migration is just dieing down, I still get a number of Yellow, Yellow rumped, Chestnut sided and Olive sided warblers. First Blue Jays of the season came in yesterday. I also had both Northern and Orchard Orioles stop by in our fruit tree.

I love birds...

You're 'Canadian geese' are clogging our American parks and thoroughfares!, If your feathered feasts don't leave now, they shall be delegated Michigan geese and exported as food supplements in happy meals to fatter, more pompous parts of our self-proclaimed great nation! (jk, I think it sounds funny if accented in the queens English)

lol, they're not really that bad, we see loads in the spring, but they're not as bad as new york's pigeon population

I live in Michigan, very near Detroit, and if you want to get technical, I'm north of some of Canada

Wow. Really? I basically live in Detroit.
Okay, maybe like, a mile away but eh.

Really? I don't know where that is. *One google map session later* Wow. Theoretically, I could ride my bike to Ferndale.

Birmingham? southfeild? what kind of theoretical distances are we talkin about here?

I just checked. It's about 9 miles to Ferndale from where I live. I could do it, but I wouldn't want to.

lol cool, I have a friend who lives there. That would be a heck of a ride to be sure.

lol cool, I have a friend who lives there.
Ten dollars says I don't know him!

That would be a heck of a ride to be sure.
I could most likely walk that far, but not ride my bike that far....

Yes, and you'd probably be right. You may be able to walk that far, but now that I have a pretty efficient old car(88 K-car) I've since gotten lazy, especially with my lead feet, which in turn is pretty bad given my brakes aren't really as effective as they should be.

Yes, and you'd probably be right.

Ten dollars please!

You may be able to walk that far, but now that I have a pretty efficient old car(88 K-car) I've since gotten lazy, especially with my lead feet, which in turn is pretty bad given my brakes aren't really as effective as they should be.

Yeah, In my honest opinion, brakes are good for cars.

Im not a pro member(yet), darn patch rules. And working brakes are nice.

I love birds as food. My sister's bird flew away... well, at least that's what she thinks... lol, jk.

Turkeys and Chicken are okay. People who roast robins over a fire just for the heck of it are just messed up.

Thanks for the update, never been quite that far, mind you weather was lovely here this weekend, and I've got a selection of birds (swallows, titmice, heron, duck, jackdaw, rook, owl, no not quite the same is it..)


Someone has too much time on their hands...

sorry i dont have the time to watch it even thoe it only goes for 4:38 but it isnt what i like so yeah.  hehe some people would have the time but who needs to wast there time

I would like to change my name to The Incredible Mr. Labot.

Was that comma supposed to be a period, or were you going to say more? And yeah, I was kidding.

No, I just realized you changed your avatar. Your sax fell in a vat of acid and you are now playing some deranged tune?

Ah, I get the joke now.

Welll, my girlfriend and I were painting little kids' faces the other day at a school event, and she wanted to paint me like the Joker. Apparently I remind her of him :/