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Changing Your Username Answered

Tired of your username? Do you want to change it?

There are two ways of doing this!  But be aware you can only do this ONE TIME!

To change it on your own, follow these directions.

1) Go to your "You" page, and scroll all the way to the bottom.
2) The last thing you'll see on the page (before the footer) is a large button saying "Check Availability"
3) Enter your desired username into the text block.
4) Click "Check Availability" only if you want to change your name.
5) This can only be done once by each person, so choose carefully!


Could you please change my username to "Noble_Knight" I have already changed my username once. from Crafty Knight to Machiavellian_Knight

Could i change to Josie'sWorld please it fits with other accounts:D

Sorry. I'm not allowed to use an ' in a name.

If there's anything else I can assist you with, please let me know.

Hi, Please change my username from :

'm bedi' to 'Color Whirls'.
I already tried doing it myself but I couldn't find the button at the bottom of my YOU page.

m bedi

4 years ago

Hi, Please change my username from :
'm bedi' to 'Color Whirls'.
I already tried doing it myself but I couldn't find the button at the bottom of my YOU page.

Hi, can you change my username to


for me? thanks! (I already tried doing it myself but I couldn't find the button at the bottom of my YOU page.)

Can I have my username changed to



I might be blind but I can't find this "large button saying "Check Availability"" anywhere on my "You" page...

on your You page, it should be the very last field underneath discussions, recognition, and members following you. There's a field to enter in your desired name and an orange button for "check availability".

If you don't see this button, please disable all script-blocking browser add-ons, clear your browser cache, then refresh the page.

Ok, I tried that in Firefox (disabled Adblock Plus, cleared everything, refreshed page), still nothing...tried in Chrome too and I still just see this (I scratched out the usernames): http://imgur.com/Toidi1y

(the upload image function wasn't working in the comments...)

You should email us at service@instructables.com with your request. Please include your current username, and your suggested replacement.

I was looking for it on my "You" page (as described by mikeasaurus below), not the create new account page - still don't see it in Firefox or Chrome though.

I'd just resort to emailing service@instructables.com but now I'm wondering if this is a legit website bug that I should report somewhere?

Discussing it here in the forums is a good start before we start a bug report. Since we can't replicate the error, I don't think it's a bug. The most likely culprit is something on your browser that's not allowing the page to display properly.

Can you not see the button I highlighted? If not, that's a bug.

Thank you so much for this! The Instructables team rocks!

You change it yourself - read the text above.

yes I know I read it but I have already changed it once

So, read the second half of the text, the part about the email...

I tried that a few days ago and was told to do it like you said but I will try again

Make sure you tell them that you've already used your "free" change.

(It's just my personal opinion, but the name you are currently using is far better than the one you are asking for.)

Can you change my name to Reifflouise. Thanks :)

Hi, sorry to bother you again. Still not happy with my username. I forgot to check my current one for uniqueness on the web, too many collisions. I would like to change my username to foobear. Thank you -J

I made the ridiculously awesome mistake of changing my user ID to "rediculously.awesome" without spell checking the word "rediculously". Can you pretty, pretty please make an exception for your "only-one-username-change-within-the-confines-of-the-space-time-continuum" policy? I would really love to have my user name corrected to "ridiculously.awesome" 'cause that would be, well, ridiculously awesome of you.

Please Change my username to tesladude123

could i please get my user name changed to sampson111 thank you

Please change user name to knotty bits

Please could you change my name to williams.ct92
Much appreciated

Omg You Save Me i want to change my name to!!!!

McMchriis!! Thankssss

I will rate!!!!


Could you let me know exactly what part of this section of your comment you want your username to be?

"McMchriis!! Thankssss"

Thank you.

I want ( McMchriis ) for my User Name!!! Without the parentesis!!!

And so so Thanksssss!!!!

Due to https://www.instructables.com/community/Changed-username-UTF8-troubles/ please change my username to "Dzwiedziu" (exactly the same, but without the diacritic).

I would be most grateful if you would change my name to Everett_McKinley.

thanks guys.


6 years ago

Please change my name to WWC. Thanks

My /you page won't load for some reason. Can you please change my name to "Fustercluck" ? Thanks!

Please change my name to DJRadio when that name is free.

Ummmm... perhaps you should rethink your choice of names. Just sayin'


6 years ago

Smartphone was acting stupid- changed my name to "3d display". Yuck.

Please change me back to good old "CrLz".


Could you please change my username to sheldonr. Thank you.

Name changed back to WildBlueRhino (with capitals). A so-called friend of mine just changed it to this :(

Please could you change my name to BalintRules, not forgetting the capitals :D. I used to have a shared account then my friend changed it >8( O.o

Thanks alot I'd appreciate it.

i wanna change it again please-> Tinkerteem

Could i get my user name to be "samaw129"

Please could you change my name to NatNoBrains

Have you seen the first five steps above?

please change my screen name to howtowithmanish