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Character Pics! Answered

Hey y'all, I was just looking for cool pictures you have drawn. If you are good or bad I don't care, I just want to see what you all can come up with! Have fun :)


I did this before burning it into wood:

Mike Sketched.jpgHorse Sketch.jpgExample Sketch on tracing paper.jpg

oh cool, how did you burn it? (I usually use magnifying glasses on sunny days but i hear there are other ways)

A pyrography "pen". It is a lot like a soldering iron

Really Short Tip.jpgThe Iron Grip.jpg

Most "craft stores" sell both the pens alone or the "starter kit" which may include a piece of Basswood and some instructions. I have an instructable in here on the subject too.

thats a really good horse by the way, I just draw people, animals have do much more detail. :)