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Charge my sony ericsson with my iphone charger? Answered

How do you do if you want to charge you sony ericsson cellphone with an iphone 3gs charger?
If you plug your sony ericsson with an iphone charger it will act as if it´s plugged in to the computer and not charge.
It´s because the iphone charger puts out voltage on the data pins, how do I bypass this?
If I only hook up the VCC (5V)and Ground (not the data pins)the charger does not begin to charge my sony ericsson.
What should I do? connect the data - and data+ to each other?

Sony ericsson w580i
5V charger
Li-Polymer 3.6V, 930mAh



8 years ago

Various phones require various voltages (resistances) across the data pins to identify the 'correct' charger. Lots of 'official' chargers have these in the cable, at the connector side, however some have it in the charger itself. Reference: http://hackaday.com/2010/08/03/reverse-engineering-apples-recharging-scheme/ Simply find what resistors the ericson official charger uses and fake it.