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Charged me a pro membership auto-renewal instead of one of the free ones I have. Answered

"Upcoming Memberships
The below membership(s) are gifts you've redeemed. They are waiting for your current one, above, to expire (on Jul 3, 2013). When this happens the next membership will automatically take effect, you won't have to do anything."

I did nothing, and today there is a $23 charge to my debit card.  I take it that the auto-renew feature had to be turned off?  That's my guess, but a detail I didn't know about!  I need it to do what it said it would do, and use my memberships.  This mistake came at a very inconvenient time.  I need a refund, please! 



please email service@instructables.com

I just checked my Credit Card statement and see a renewal charge for pro membership which I didn't even authorized. They just emailed me saying that my pro membership was charged automatically! Very Inconvenient! I need a refund too since I hardly go to this site any more!

If it was set on auto-renew, it was authorized. :) I was set to auto-renew, and didn't realize that it was skip my free membership if it was on.

Like Kiteman says, just email them, they'll fix it. These guys are awesome like that.

You need to email service@instructables.com to sort this out.