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Charging Handle Bullet Chambering System Concept Answered

Bolt action is going to be too specific to describe the action of loading a bullet in such a way as to increase power so I'm just going to call it chambering. Bolt action chambering was done through the use of two separate pins and "barrels". The magazine loaded ammo into a separate area and then was pushed into the barrel by the bolt pin. This works pretty well but it's a little complicated and some potential accelerating space is wasted with the bolt. I wanted to simplify the action of chambering a round for max power. Why not just have one barrel? 

I made a powerpoint to demonstrate the concept. There are still a few problems I need to figure out before I can work on such a gun such as how the trigger would work and how to keep the ammo in the magazine down. I have ideas for both but nothing that I'm 100% sure of. If anyone would like to try this concept out, PM me.

You can download the powerpoint here. (make sure you play through it, don't just scroll through the slides)



8 years ago

What prevents another rod from coming out of the mag once the pin is back and the charging handle is forward?

What prevents people from reading a topic? I said I was still trying to figure that out. My first idea was simply to have a blocking device over it that would be pushed back by the charging handle. I don't know if that would work. I'm just throwing ideas out there for others to think about. Don't expect everything out of me to be foolproof.

maybe just have the power transfer bar stop in the middle of the mag? or make it work sort of like a lever action just for the mag?theres a basic plan of how it should look/work hope i was able to help some


Wow chill out, I didn't read the topic, so what.

So what? I explained in the thread that I didn't know what to do with the magazine yet. Don't ask me stupid questions just because you're too lazy to read. That's all I ask.

Man people are so uptight nowadays.

Because we have reason to be. Seriously, how hard is it to take a couple minutes of your time and just read? Are you more special than me? I find it insulting that you feel you don't need to look for the answer yourself but rather have me do that for you.

Oh no it happens to me all the time. You don't deserve any special treatment compared to everyone else. It's not like I'm even yelling at you. I'm just typing words with minimal humor. Does that bother you?

That's basically what TD is trying to figure out in the topic.

 I'm thinking the same thing

I made something like this once.

You have to make a mech that blocks the mag until the charging handle is pulled backwards over it, so a round can pop up, and when the handle passes over the mag forward again, the mech blocks it again. It would take some thinking, but I think it is possible.

i tried the design, the only problem i had was the fact that there is no way to secure the loaded ros as you cannot have sides on the barrel as the charging handle would be blocked by them, and if you attach the sides to the handle itself the friction generated removes any benifit of the design.

Hmm, how about connector ammo? Even just a grey connector on a rod would probably work.

no the problem is that you need to attach a barrel to the front of the charging handle, this means that you add frictionand reduce power.

It's still pretty silly how nobody has thought to try to contact loosewire, the person that made this idea before Zak even attempted a bolt action... But yeah, good idea I guess, but it sounds like re-inventing the not very popular wheel. It's amazingly simple, and works great with connector ammo in my experience, Loosewire used rods but I figured connector ammo would load and work easier. Also managed a "working" sear that was stupidly messy but worked. Only problem I had was the sear needed swapping, loading worked flawlessly, hell I think I even got a removable mag on at one point.

What, chambering a bullet? How long before? I had the idea months before Zak (who I think got it from solekiller who I told the idea to) but I think we still had things like Jollex's one rifle (the first that comes to mind) that used the concept just not for power. Maybe loosewire did have it first. I just remember wanting to make the first effective bottom loading bolt action gun for the sake of a powerful repeater because we didn't have one yet. I could have been wrong though.

It wasn't that powerfull, he told me when it worked it shot just barely out of the barrel. Still, it did work though, right? Either way, if you want I can rebuild part of the mechanism (if I can find my knex that is) and rebuild it. I've build four or five of them and the mechanism is quite tricky to get work properly everytime, you could say it takes luck but the one I made two that loaded flawlessly, with different sears, only one of them held the ram when the bolt assembly was pulled back. The other you just bulled back and lifted up, then down, then pushed forward again. So yeah, if you want me to rebuild a loading mechanism but without a sear or trigger, just so you can see how it loads, I will try and help you in whatever way I can.

Nobody thought of contacting loosewire because hardly anybody else knew that he thought of this idea.

Nobody ever asked. Also he did post a picture somewhere, but it didn't have a trigger at the time, a few days after he got a sear on.

upload the powerpoint to ibbles it wont work there for me!

I watched the slideshow, and to be honest it seems a little more complicated than the current mechanism.  I understand how it works though, and I'll look forward to seeing any guns that use this mechanism.

Sorry I never posted about this, but I made a one barrel bolt action a while ago(some months ago). I think I commented about it somewhere, but anyway, heres my system:

First, the bolt actually serves two purposes, it cocks the gun, and also pulls back a Ball joint and a grey connector(the ball joint is in front of the grey connector, and both of these are where the mag would load the next round).

What happens is when you have it set up right(It took many tries to get everything working correctly) is that when you cock back the bolt, it loads a round from the mag into and locking into the ball joint. After this when you cock it forward, it pushes the loaded round into the chamber(it's held by the ball joint), and the grey connector behind the ball joint separates the barrel and the other non-loaded rounds in the mag, making it shoot like a KILLERK pistol(The ball joint was put at the point were the firing pin just connects to it).

The big problem was that it was just hard to use, as my version was pretty flimsy. If the bolt flipped down or out of place you had to adjust it. It wasn't a big deal, but if your in a war, it would probably happen more(I usually didn't press to hard on the bolt).

I'll check my library for a picture. with any luck, there might be one(I don't have high hopes though). I'm on summer break tomorrow though, so I can probably rebuild something like it to show you a picture of what I mean.

I have another acronym for true bolt action.  Let's call it T-BAG.  It stands for "True-Bolt Action Gun."