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Charging batteries (in my case a 9V) from a Multi voltage wall adaptor? Answered

Hi All,
I would like to charge a 9 v rechargable battery from a power adaptor similar to the one below.  Can I just add a female plug to the battery and charge it direct?  Is there an optimum female plug that I should use? 

Any advise would be handy.



6 years ago

You First need to control the DC current flowing into your battery here
is a circuit to try.   .   .   A


Thanks icing - I might look on ebay to see if I can get one already made. Appreciate your help (again!)

Yeah I know, but when I'm using AC I really want to be as cautious as possible. Anyhow this is only a small part of the project.

What I'm trying to achieve is to run 2 bike lights from a 9 v battery which is rechargable from a wall socket. The bike lights are old retro syle ones which I have modified and added in LED's. I can easily run 2 of these with 4.5 v each and will rig up a voltage regulator to split the power between the 2.

That looks like a diagram from the Dutch magazine Elektor. One of the last electronics mags still standing.