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Charter cable box? Answered

Well my neighbor threw out their charter cable TV box today.  I took the power cord (if nothing else I will turn it into scrap copper) and left the box.  But figured I would ask on here if anyone on here could think of anything to do with it.  I suppose I could salvage off the RCA plugs and coax plugs.  But i do not think I have any use for them.  So anyone on here have any ideas on use for it?


Ditto. Harder and harder to find parts. Had a pentium II based server. Was reading the docs and it said you could use a pIII cpu. Started going through the spare parts and low behold I had one. Forgot all about it. Server sure runs a lot better now.

Personally i never know what parts i may want or need in the future. So when i see some tossed electronics junk i grab it up and salvage anything i think i could use in the future. I keep a couple of parts bins full of this stuff ready to use. You may not have a use for it know but you may find a use sooner or later.

Every once in a while i go through it all and throw out stuff so my bins don't get too full. Unfortunately when i do i always wind up needing something i threw out. It never fails, 3 to 6 months after having thrown some parts out i find a need for one of those parts.