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Chaser Layout 9 LED channels Answered

Hello ,

Am asking for a layout for 6V ultra bright Chaser 9 LED channels Layout

i saw one but its quite clear 



6 years ago

Here are two versions of eight leds but can be 9 or ten.

The second pic is a dim to bright to dim untried option.



Answer 6 years ago

In answer to the author's PM question.

The LM555 is acting as an oscillator that generates a rectangular wave form pin 3 in a frequency proportional to the P1 (100K) potentiometer setting and the value of C1 (10uF) capacitor.
Each pin 3 cycle enters pin 14 of the CD4017 integrated sequential counter clock input and advances the single high output to the next (Qn+1) output line.
Each output line that goes high sends current through its associated LED and the common R3 (750 ohm) resistor to ground.
If the LEDs are placed as depicted in a circle they appear to simulate a rotating beacon as a light house.

When the pot is set high the frequency is o.71 Hz and a 50% duty cycle.
When the pot is set low the frequency is 1.4 Hz and a 99% duty cycle.
When the pot is set half way with a 1uF the frequency is 9.4 Hz.
When the pot is set half way with a o.1uF the frequency is 94 Hz

You can use the same calculator to play with value changing.

This circuit can use different LEDs and 9V to 15VDC
R3 may need to be adjusted for the LEDs and voltage.



6 years ago

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