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Cheap Arduino Drone Project Answered

Hi there  :)  ,

Right now, I am busy on a project, called "The HoboDrone" to make a cheap ass drone.
It is my intention to make a DIY guide for everyone.

The next problem that need to be solved right now in my project, is to process all information that comes and goes through this drone, through the Arduino.

My question is if it's possible that an Arduino handles next tasks/can deliver enough CPU-power for:

- Reading the sensors
- Run the code to stabilize the drone
- Control the electromotors (output from stabilizing code)
- Get input through RC-signals and control the electomotors

I did not start writing the code for stabilizing the drone, but there are plenty of examples out there, like the bluecopter: https://github.com/baselsw/BlueCopter
(This code doesn't deal with RC-input from a controller on the ground)

I have read a similar DIY project which used a Raspberry Pi, which took care of a part of the code.

Is it possible to only use an Arduino in a Drone, or should I work in the direction of a coöperation between an Arduino and Raspberry Pi ?

Thanks in advance!


Does not really matter.
If 8bit power is not sufficient for your project you can always use 32bit CPU's like the Due for example.

Thank you for the quick reply Downunder35m. So it would be possible to :
-process all the information from the sensors and stabilize the drone
-receive input from rc-controller and process it to navigate the drone

with only an Arduino like the Due?

It should work with a UNO or barebone as well depending how many inputs you need and how complex the calculations are.
If in doubt try with a UNO or similar first as they are only a few bucks, if the processing power is insuffient you can simply port the code to a 32bit system.

Indeed, but since I haven't start writing the stabilize-code, the complexity is not yet known.
I have solutions and have to choose between those two:
Buy a CRIUS Multiwii board: it has an Arduino Pro mini and all the harware attached to it (except GPS features) that I need. (http://www.multiwii.com/)
(= around €50)


Build the flight controller from scratch like this intstructable:


If I could build it from scratch with no single mistake or broken piece, I could save around €10. But it's a really complex job.

It seems reasonable that those who are going to read my instructable (if I ever finish it) prefer to use the CRIUS Multiwii Arduino boards.

So I am going to head that way, do you think that's a good choice ?

Can't really answer that as I don'r know your skillset.
But if you can make it work either way so that beginners can follow it would make a really good instructable.