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Cheap DIY space savers. Answered

So I'm in the middle of converting part of our basement into a new room to serve as my room.I'm looking for a way to make the most out of my space. My first ideas were utilizing a drawbridge style system to make a foldout table or something like that. the ceiling is entirely exposed.There are cords and beams and pipes everywhere up there.I thought perhaps some sort of drop down storage could be made. This is all I have come up with so far.I'm not too keen with drawbridges,so any help and ideas would be appreciated. the picture is me at age 15 .it shows part of the basement.Not much help. The furnace is behind the door.The door that we have sitting here for no apparent reason. Note: there is large closet already built in against the wall.That should store all the clothes I'll ever need.I'm thinking of purchasing a cheap futon for a bed,as the mattress I currently use is far too big.Does anyone know where I can find some blueprints for simple foldout tables.


find a niche build all what you need on wheels and put it there (without space between them) slide out what you need at the moment


How about slinging a desk/table on a set of cantilever hinges, so you can swing it down from the ceiling and just swing it up away again, it's very simple and would afford you extra space, a sofa bed isn't too hard to construct if you keep it simple, another easier to make design is a day bed, it's both a bed and a sitting place at the same time, mattress on the bottom but it has a back to it + a few cushions and they're great for sitting on. Maybe have a bench along the room that's just a bookcase on its side, like that storage under a bed from IKEA idea except just pop together a simple bench along a wall with square sections for storage, looks good and it makes it easy for books or the like because they're to hand. If you're adding electrical sockets plan the room first to give you the best use of them. Making use of the ceiling could be done with the cantilever hinges again with swing out boxes, that way stuff wouldn't fall out when you open them, kind of like drawers. Have a pillar that's really a cupboard it'll look cool and store clothes and stuff. Make a box, line it with plastic on the outside and place underfloor for a simple, dry and handy trapdoor cupboard maybe a place for shoes?

Well, one thing you could consider is raising the floor a bit (on 2 X 4's?) which could give you some, albeit; damp storage area. The same goes if you are studding out and paneling. (I am not sure which picture you are referring to, as I don't see one).

Yes, tables can have drop leaves, or even a middle leaf that you can remove to shorten the table when not in use.