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Cheap Heatsinks Answered

Does anyone need heatinks?

If so I have some that I am willing to sell for a very reasonable price. I have them in many shapes and sizes just look at the pictures. Any that are pictured in pairs can be sold in pairs. I don't have a large amount of any type, but I have enough for your typicall electronics project that just needs a little extra cooling. These heatinks are salvaged but are still in good uncorroded condition. All come with screws. If you need more pictures or info on a certain one let me know.

I accept secure payment through pay-pal.

I prefer to ship to the continental US but if you are somewhere else we can work something out.

Post or PM me if interested.



It might be useful to note some sizes, or include a ruler in the images.

Thanks, you are right. I will take new pics today. Any other sugestions to helps sell these would be apreciated.

For security of payments etc, I'd be inclined to offer them on ebay, then link to the auction from here.

I added pics with a ruler. atleast for now i don't want to get involved with ebay because if I do that then I have to pay to list them on ebay.

The cost is minimal, especially when compared to the potential losses when dealing privately.