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Cheap High Speed Camera Answered

I've had this idea about a cheap high speed camera using say 10 of those small action cams, like this:
What you would do is hack the Start/Stop switch and hook it up to some sort of controller that starts each one of these 10 cameras about  3.3 milliseconds before the next one, thus having each frame from all the cameras to be 3.3 milliseconds apart from each other, which is 300FPS at 720p for $158. The cheapest HD 300fps camera....   EVER, not that i can make it. The cheapest equivalent is around 2K.


You can think about attaching the camera to the rotation axis.
I think about 10 camera on one axis at a rate of 30Hz (1800rpm), so that each frame of each camera will correct apart 3.3ms.

Sorry for my bad english!

Interesting idea but it would be very difficult to use and fairly impractical. For one thing each camera would have a slightly different vantage point. You also have the problem of integrating all 10 videos into one. With the slightly different vantage points the image would look like its jumping around as you played it back. Another issue is the video quality of those cameras. Playing back video at regular speed looks OK but when you look at that video frame by frame the images are blurred.

There is a reason why a good high speed camera cost so much. That camera is able to take good quality still pictures at a rate of 300 FPS at a 720P resolution. Further more it is able to store that information at high speed as well.

BTW the camera you linked to doesn't do 720P video. 720P video resolution is 1280x720. That camera only does 720x480. You won't find a $20 video recorder that takes high quality video. Especially one that can capture good clear frames like you would need for a high speed camera.

With the vantage point problem, on Adobe After Effects (which I use) the Warp Stabilizer zoom's in slightly and crop's the footage, making it stable and I thought about some sort of plugin for After Effects to joins multiple frames from different cameras, I'm not very good at programming though. I didn't notice the resolution, heres another one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-HD-DVR-Audio-Video-Camera-Recorder-Spy-Pen-1280-960-/300584792556?pt=Camcorders_Professional_Video_Cameras&hash=item45fc3ff1ec#ht_2156wt_952
And some test footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPihwTI2F8M

Yes it has a higher resolution but the video is very crisp and clear. Go ahead and get one of them and see for your self. The video will look fine but once you break it down into individual frames you'll realize how blurred the individual images are. Most video recorders will have nice video but individual frames are not as crisp looking.