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Cheap, Homemade, stationary bike stand? (Request) Answered

Im looking for a person who can make me a guide to a homemade bikestand for a bike generator. I cannot weld, so a nonwelding one would be nice. Thanks! Oh, and the bike is from 24" - 28"


I have had a few bikestands. Seems they all had custom hardware to either mount the bike by extending the shaft of the wheel hub or being able to slide in lugs where you have to open up your quick release stem. On a set of freerollers(kinda like a treadmill for the bike) they only have a stabilizer bar that grips on to the top tube. So maybe the best route to go, since you probably don't have access to metal machine shops either, is to create some kind of roller cradle with leg extentions on the floor for the rear wheel. Fill up a tin can with plaster with a metal rod exactly in the center through it. Front will need to be elevated to get a comfy stance. You can have a stabilizer arm from wood or metal pipe to go from the rear to the seat post.

Have you tried searching the site?

Ive looked on the site, but Most just say to buy like a $130 bike stand. And Im not willing to pay that amount of money.

Try this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Build-A-Bicycle-Generator/