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Cheap Island Building possibilities Answered


Ive been doing all kinds of research and planning on making man-made islands for a few years now, and I had a thought on one method inspired by Thinkenstein's Instructable on Trash Rocks. He has been able to make floating rocks using plastic bottles filled with air, nylon fishnet bags, and covering the combination in cement. Tadaa, Floating Rocks.

But after seeing his instructable about this, would anyone think it to be possible to make a large floating land mass using plastic bottles of 16oz and above, nylon fishnet bags, and cement? I think it sounds doable, but that's just whats been put on paper.



6 years ago

Mexico city was said to be built over the top of a lake using a type of floating island.
There was a species of Bamboo native north america prior to 1830 (when it went extinct), and there's tons of other floating plant matter that could be used as a stand in.


Didnt think someone would take the whole "land mass" part literally. But that doesnt mean an island still can't be made if its not connected to the sea floor.

Islands don't float, floating things have other names.


It's called New York City.

I think the environmentalists would still ding you for putting "trash" in the water. Even still, you would have to buy the real estate wherever you wanted to put your own island. Somebody has claim to the middle of nowhere out in the ocean.

Lol! Nice one!

Those environmentalists really bug me when they get too extreme. Like PETA, for example. They are the only people that are mentally twisted enough to make a flash game that incorporates popular titles like the Mario Bros series and the butchering of chickens done by KFC.

I heard they had a problem with the Tanooki Suit in Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS. I guess they got tired of complaining about what the Marios do to turtles.

Actually, most of NYC is built on landfill or swamps that have been drained and covered over. They have covered up some of the larger landfills with tons of dirt, plastic, and vent pipes and will be opening it up as a public park.