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Cheap Jet Engine. Answered

what Jet engine can I build for $50-$200 in price? And that is small? it could be any type of jet engine, I just want to start building one.



I want to make a small jet engine. Hopefully will make one in my free time.


9 years ago

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. Google it!
. As westfw mentions, a pulse-jet (or similar) would probably be a good first project. Any type of turbine is probably out of your reach, especially with your budget.

I believe there are quite a few hobby turbine jets built out of truck turbos? Wouldn't that be affordable?


9 years ago

Depends on your tools and machining skills, and what you want the thrust to weight ratio to be like. My general impression is that a heavy pulse-jet motor uses a relatively small amount of raw materials, and quite a bit of careful machining.