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Cheap Room Air conditioning Answered


I have a burning question,

I thought about combining a small fridge I have with a floor fan for cheap in room air conditioning.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on how to combing the two without hazards.

Tho the fan is a bit bigger, in concept would do as well.

Chen Cohen.


What Jayefuu and Goodhart said, plus, you'll cause the Springfield nuclear power plant to shut down.

If you could fit it to a window such that the warm part was outside, and the cold bits inside. L

"circulation" would be a bit of a problem, unless you eliminted the "compartment" of the fridge, and substituted a smaler box and fan......oh yeah, it would be an air conditioner then ;-)

Think of it this way: The refrigerator removes warm air from the inside, thus cooling the inside, this warmth (i.r. radiation) must be expelled somewhere, and that somewhere is the back of the unit, into the air outside the unit. As Jayefuu has said, the motor, etc. also create further heat and thus the unit will actually warm the room, rather then cool it.

All you'll do is heat your room up. Unless you're moving the heat from the back of the fridge outsite. Sorry!

Google "why a fridge can't cool a room".