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Cheap Solenoid valve (or other electronically actuated valve) sources? Answered

...i'm needing to find a good source for cheap electronically actuated valves (for liquid mainly)...i've found a few solenoid type valves through random google searches...but they're all pretty expensive....i can get just solenoids for under $2 from most places...but they're just the solenoids...and well...i'm not sure how to turn one of those into a valve assembly if anyones got some good sources for either solenoid valves or other electronically actuated valves (i've seen some people use ice maker valves for this...but those things are $20 and up...too rich for my blood)


Maybe get a new or (rebuildan old) washing machine cold and hot inputs.

well...i'm trying to make a drink dispensor...so...those might work...$10 bucks is much better than 20 or 40

...should have thought about grainger....my company does business with them daily (of course i don't...but the respective "they" do)

First, what are you trying to do? It sounds like it's too big for you (considering you mentioned ice maker valves). But for $10 or $11, home depot has a solenoid activated, diaphragm type valve - 3/4" female thread.