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Cheap Speaker Stand Help? Answered

M'kay, so I just spent several hundred dollars on a PA system and am too broke to afford paying 100+ more for some stands. Anyone wanna help me out with making my own? I'm looking for something like this:

(middle item)


. How cheap do you want to go? I've seen car/truck wheels used as the base with a piece of pipe bolted/welded to it. Not very easy to carry, but it rolls well.

Eh, I dunno if I'd want that cheap. And besides, I'm a pretty small dude and that sounds quite heavy. Haha. I think I might have something figured out in my head for what I can do, but I'm still open for suggestions and ideas!

Thanks for the link...I'll for sure look into it. And I got a PA system because I play in a couple bands and I also set up shows in my town to save me and my friends from having to drive to see some really good bands and also to give kids something to do besides sit at home and do nothing. I was constantly having to bum a PA for all of the shows though and I got tired of that so I bought one. That's about it.