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Cheap Wine Cooler using a standard small room air conditioner? Answered

need to bypass the auto shutoff at 64 degrees of a room air condiitoner so I can use it as a cheap way to keep my wine below 60 degrees.

How physically is this done? 


The cheapest way to chill beer and wine *quickly* is a half/half mix of ice cubes and cold water. If you can be bothered, rotate the bottles/cans occasionally, otherwise it will chill with just a few minutes additional wait. Not quite the answer you wanted, but an effective one, nonetheless. Have a good party!

Put it in the fridge? don't tell me you keep FOOD in it?


6 years ago

"Cheap" is a relative term. Small window A/C units are notoriously power hungry and the lower the temp setting, the more power it consumes. Even if you can override the low temp shut-off, you're still going to be saddled with figuring out how to vent the heat exchanger to the outside and building an insulated box to hold the wine.
i would sell the A/C and use the money towards the purchase a new, small wine chiller. You can get a new wine chiller for around $125 U.S. and not have all the problems you will need to overcome converting the A/C. Most importantly, I would guess your savings in energy usage the first year will more than pay for the new chiller.

I tend to agree that getting a proper wine chiller is probably a better bet.

If you're determined to homebrew... Anyone think a peltier heat pump might be good for this application? (There are many applications they _aren't_ good for, but this one might work -- small area, especially if it's only one or two bottles, and it wouldn't be trying to push the temp excessively low.)