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Cheap and Easy Futon Frame Answered

Hi all! I have been scouring the web for easy, simple futon frame building instructions and plans and I have not come up with anything!  If any of you would feel so inclined to try something simple that's made out of  say plywood, not slats and can be made by an amatuer woodcraftsmen, PLEASE SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE:)  I'm up for anything, it doesn't have to look traditional or anything, just as long as it can fold into a bed.  We need to build it for our boys to sleep on, but be able to put it up during the day. Thanks in advance!


Hi, i found a free DIY Futon frame plan. The futon plans consist of a five page article originally printed in the February-March, 1995 edition of Workbench Magazine. The plans include a lumber and hardware list, a dimensioned cutting list, schematics of all the parts, photos of set-ups, jigs, and the finished frame.


You can copy your design from any IKEA futon frame. Go to the store and measure and actually see how it is constructed. Find an online manual. Futon frames can be as simple as two pallets connected by door hinges placed against the wall. Elevate with a some strong legs. Build a prototype one, then you can build a better one to improve your woodworking skills. Plenty of plans out there, put futons in the search box above and see what you can find. Good luck.

Thanks a bunch for the idea!! This seems a little more up my alley than the frame plans that I have found. If I can make one, I will do an instructable about it and give props to you

No need to thank me, I get my kicks by lobbing out ideas. Anyway, IKEA perfected the art of knock down functional cheap furniture. In trying to duplicate some stuff, best tools to have are a miter saw, a kreg pocket hole jig, speed square, impact driver and drill combo, measuring tape, box full of pencils, many utility knives, jigsaw, router and table saw for fancy stuff and some gorrilla glue/ carpenter glue. Happy woodworking!

an easy method would be to make a really wide reclining deck chair.

you know how wooden deck chairs (even the plastic ones) have one piece that's the seat of the chair, and then another piece that's the back of the chair, and they're hinged somewhere close to the middle. then the back of the chair has a bar (or multiple bars) that has notches cut into it that hold the back up in a seated position by slotting onto a cross bar?

basically build one of those that's as wide as a bed is long, and as deep as it needs to be to be a futon

Hey good Idea, thanks. I'll keep this in mind. I'd like to get a few more ideas and see which would be the most easiest to construct.

Try typing "futon frame" into the search box on this page. Or try typing "DIY futon frame" into Google (you do know what Google is, right?).

already did that, thanks though. That's why I finally resorted to this post. Yeah, ummm... I know what google is. It's the thingy that finds stuff on the internet for you that you can't find, right?