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Cheap cnc/laser cutter kits? Answered

Are there any cheap, $200 or less, cnc or laser cutter kits out there?



For less than $200, I doubt it. Maybe from China, et al? But you get what you pay for... and "cheap" may be what you end up with...


You don't get the frame for 200.

You don't get the electronics alone for 200.

You ESPECIALLY don't get a (useful) laser for 200...

Sadly, the cheapest you'll find is a china laser for about 1000, and at that low price point you're better off saving your money.

thank you
it is easier to ask you guys than to research it

A decent 3d printer frame, 'motion', and electronics will set you back at least 600.

4200 may be a bit low but Ebay will be the cheapest with the highest risk factor.


This A4 machine is the cheapest I know of in the UK at £1200

....you can shave some money off that, if you buy it without the computer control card, and build a "LAOS" card for it yourself.