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Cheap colorless oil? Answered

I like making these snow globe thingies, or just oil and glitter in a bottle. They fall slower when you use oil rather than just plain water, and I saw someone recommend baby oil.
However, its a bit expensive just for this use, especially the colorless one.

So I'm looking for any type of oil I can use for this project, that is cheaper than baby oil. As long as its clear/colorless.



How about glycerin?
I use it to fix the inclinometers on old Pajeros.

Wouldn't it be too thin maybe? Considering its not an oil

It is a thick alcohol to be precise and the consistency might be so high that you thin it down.
Depends on the type of snow and glitter though.
The best about it is that you don't have a slippery mess if something goes wrong and glycerin won't go off either, so no stinky smell like from oil gone bad.

If you read the various snow-globe instructables, a lot of people recommend it.


3 years ago

Baby oil is mineral oil, with scent added. Mineral oil is usually cheap, from the right source.