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Cheap phone cards with no expiration? Answered

Whats the best (and by best I mean cheapest) calling card I can get that doesn't have an expiration. I only need 30 or so minutes. I want to be able to call international (middle east) from my cell phone (T-mobile prepaid) without being charged ridiculous amounts. I want something that i can leave in my wallet for a year and not have to worry about it being expired when I need it. The picture is totally unrelated, its a windmill


hmm as a foreign student,oftently i use phone card to keep in touch with my family and friends.so i use AlloMama website to recharge and buy phone cards ,which has the best rate to call any country.

Use online calling cards epincall.com
The easiest way is buying calling cards online, or prepaid cell refill, when you buy phone cards online you get email instantly with your local access number and pin or you can buy pinless phone card, you just log in to your account and ad your phone number. Search for EpinCall on google, very low rates, you just choose the best phone card with no fees or fees.

Thanks a lot for the tip. It helped me too!


8 years ago

Hello, I am looking for a US prepaid card without expiration. I live in the Netherlands and once a year I visit the US for a summer holiday. Can you tell me if there is any prepaid card like this?


Did you try ringing the phone companies?

I looked at the at&t; cards. Thing is I don't really want it from t-mobile, i'd rather get a 3rd party card

Nice to see you are a T-Mobile customer, I am a T-Mobile Telesales Supervisor. Our rates are very competitive with other companies, however if you are looking to call internationally... then what you want is to actually sign up for a service that you call in to (it takes out of your prepaid minutes) but then you connect to their server which transfers your call (like the spoofcard). This will be your cheapest option, and these types of services typically do not expire. If you have any additional questions about calling internationally or T-Mobile please send me a PM

How much would it cost me to call to Iran and London on t-mobile prepaid?