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Cheap plexiglass alternative Answered

So i was going to make a desk. I was gonna make it about 2x3 and make the top out of two pieces of plexiglass, with about a 1 inch hollow area between them. I was gonna put some lights in that area.

However, Plexiglass is costing a bit more than i want to spend. so I found this:
Its ALOT cheaper. However, can it support a decent amount of weight probably? No ones gonna be sitting on the desk or anything. I would say NEVER more than 50 pounds on it, but 25 is probably gonna be the maximum, and not even that most of the time. (just gonna have my laptop and stuff on it, maybe some textbooks).

And im assuming a blue light LED would shine through it fine..I kind of want the frosted look (would sand it down a little bit to get rid of the "bubbles") to give it an effect similar to the lights in this:

except without the notifications and stuff.


check the dumpster behind tanning salons they change out the plastic in the booths now and then its bent but seven feet long and can support weight

Think of laminating thin, shiny material like that or thin plexiglass to wood. As long as you don't need to see through it of course. It will give a beautiful gloss finish. But beware of glare. It can be visually fatiguing so look at your lighting angles.

If you have been in a place that uses fluorescent lights, (school, office, etc.) that plastic sheet is the stuff they put over it to diffuse the uneven light. As Lemonie said, " Thin, bendy, textured and unsuitable for a desk."

That stuff is cheap because.
Thin, bendy, textured and unsuitable for a desk.