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Cheap, simple, Project - Any ideas? Answered

Hi all,
I  am looking for some simple projects that I could do.

First of all, it needs to be cheap. I am 14, and get hardly any money (14$ a month in allowance) so, I need it to go as far as possible.

The simple part is optional - Just needs to be something I can do - Even if it takes lots of time.
I guess Im not being very clear but I am looking for project ideas that are first of all - cheap.
I already have soldering equipment, and resistors and capacitors  scavenged from trash (Stuff that can be created free of cost is best).



What kind of experience do you have with electronics?

I have some practical, and a fair amount of thoretical knowledge (from reading).

I have made an LM386 amp - Basic transistor circuits - A relay circuit... a 555 timer circuit.

(I borrowed an electronics textbook from a college mlibrary, and read it which is my theoretical knowledge)

Nice. My first idea would probably be playing around with logic gates and things. Making a binary adder can be very fun, for me at least, and can give you some insight on how computers work.
Another fun thing to do is to hack a speaker to play sound from a (small) solar panel so you can literally listen to light. Once you have done this, you can make what I would call a "laser speaker", that plays songs not in sound form, but in laser form. You can point the laser speaker at the light listener, and you'll here your music start to play! I've done this before, and it's very cool.
For my third and final idea, I would recommend building an arduino. I don't know if you are at all interested in arduino, but building your own can be very fun.

Those are my ideas, I hope you can come up with something cool to do!

O, I should have mentioned, I already have an arduino


6 years ago

I'd start from the other end... see what you can get free or very cheap, and then see what you can make out of that. Since you appear to be looking for electronics projects, maybe a disused microwave or television set?

I live in NYC - And get get pretty much any common old items for free from the trash - I have found a few desktops, a microwave, a few CRT TVs, a few wine coolers...
If I am looking for something I can generally find it in the trash within a few weeks.

(Though, what I have a lotof is speaker drivers - have 15-20 of them)