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Cheap vision system for a robot Answered

I need to make a cheap vision system for a robot (low cost is one of the main points of the robot).  I have seen some, but most require a computer on the robot, and if they don't, they are expensive and bulky.  Is there a way to modify a webcam to get it to work?  Or is there any other ways?



Best Answer 8 years ago

does it need to be hooked to the robot microprocessor or just a camera cause you could just get a wireless camera with a receiver that hooks up to a tv like this: http://www.spycamman.com/index.php/Pinhole-Camera.html but you can find them cheap on ebay

What do you want it to see?

If you want it to "go toward the light" that would be the simplest in terms of parts count and logic.  Or a "follow the line" type.

IF you want it to be able to actually "see" and recognise things then that's going to be much more difficult.  It has to be able to see the thing, that's the camera's work, recognize the object using a computer and some software where you have designed a system to recognize the object in all it's possible views.  You basically have to teach it what the object looks like. And design a system to react to recognizing the object.  You can see that "real sight" for a robot if very complicated and limited even in the best instances.