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Cheapest LEDs? Answered

Where's the cheapest place to get assorted 5mm LEDs? I can get 100 for $8 including shipping, but those are just one color... Any other places?


E-bay. I got 200 for 6 bucks, including shipping a while back

Does this look like a good deal? 10 bright blue LEDs for $1.50 I ask because I have an inherent distrust of too-goo-to-be-true deals from Hong Kong, then again I got a 5 mW red laser for five bucks from Hong Kong.

Chi Wing LED product shop (your link) is a relatively well-respected (and long-time) eBay vendor, according to [http://candlepowerforums CandlePower Forums] and my own experience (but I bought batteries.) I've had generally good luck with orders from hong kong; only one out of about 5 never showed up :-( The mail system is more suspect than the vendors.

As for assorted LEDs. Most of the electronics dealers with "assortment" packs don't include the new "ultrabright" class of LEDs, and most of the ultrabright LED vendors (ie on eBay) don't seem to do assortments. Search the eBay LED catagory for "mix*", and a couple things show up.

Sure hope you're right, because I just bought a pack of ten, plus free resistors so that you can hook them up to 12V. Of course, I only spent $1.50, so who cares.


The webpage is directly from a factory in Bangkok... i know what your thinking, Bangkok?! Well, shipping is VERY cheap no matter what...

I just spent $16.87 (including shipping) for 150 items including: LEDs, microphones, switches, buttons, audio cables, DC power cables & MORE!

Aproximately, each LED is as low as $0.02 and as high as $0.08... I buy

EVERYTHING i need here.... they also have many different resistors/capacitors for about the same price as LEDs. Also got a huge variety of Buttons & Switches...

ALSO, i found an Instructable that shows you how to make a LED box that flashes to the music, all parts needed/instructions are located on this page: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/

www.TaydaElectronics.com -this is the website with all of the cheapest electronics...

Yes, each and every time and surprisingly very fast. I just added up my orders and I have spent over $200 with them, they are great!

Good! Because I just ordered some stuff from them :P I'm really excited. i'll be making my first instructables soon :D

No, sorry, I don't remember who I bought it from. The company was in Hong Kong, though, so that's something to look for. I guess.