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Zak inspired KILLERK approved!
basically Mepain's Trigger Zaks idea my redesign
super strong super comfortable handle with an unbreakable trigger
whats not to like?


I basically made the NAR with the stock and handle on this TR, it works well, aside from the pin guide moving forward after each shot. Do you ever get that problem?

no the front of the pin guide should rest up against the trigger block

I had to switch up the back of the barrel because I put this on the NAR. If I didn't then there would be too much room between the back of the pin and back of the barrel.

ud have to take a pic i wouldn't know lol i have never built a NAR i never thought it was needed when a good pin was made like this one


The NAR is designed so the pin doesn't hit the back of the gun. That means there is around 1 blue spacer's worth of black rod exposed if the pin is not pulled back. Building the NAR like you have it would make it so there is 2 blue spacers worth of black rod on the gun, and I risk breaking the front when it's set up like that.

i never bothered with the nar... i just figured id make a better firing pin lol

looks very good build quality and ultra super comfertable :)

So what are you going to do when you finally have nothing left to improve?

improve some more! idk man ill have other projects to work on im sure... im always working on different things i just luv coming back to this one

Hmm. Haven't built a TR for a while. I shall build one now.


7 years ago

got any close up pics of the front area?

thanks, i still can get how the winding of the turret works lol, its not a problem tho

It's a ratchet thingy. What it does is allows the white connector that is secured onto the black rod that holds the turret (the turret is free spinning on the rod, the only thing associating its orientation with the rod is that band depicted in the picture above) to only turn in one direction, and so when you turn it, it cannot spin back to where it started. This in turn makes the black rod that holding the turret spin, which winds up the turret band because the turret cannot move because ammo is loaded, and so a white rod of the turret is being pushed against the tan clip that is part of the barrel.

Hope that helped, but if not I'll be happy to make a short vid if you still cannot figure it out.

nice one, i kinda get it now =D

just what i have up is what i have what exactly did you want a pic of?

Made the change to my TR, and it works great. Now just for the handle pump TR..........

Well, here it is. It's a TR12 with a TR18 pattern basically, except this still uses the ratchet thingy-ma-bob that you wind up to load the gun. Although this turret design required some cut parts on the gun so it would work, but not many.


Trust me, there is a lot of room when you pull back the ram to pull the trigger.


7 years ago

brilliant gun, ill post a pic later, i didnt really get the frong winding mech so i modded it

oya an thanks for the compliment man im super happy u like it!

look under my TR8 slideshow you should find some better pics on the mech area


It was just the trigger. I had the rest already made. Unless you changed something else too.

the handle and trigger are both new you can't get it working properly without the new handle design take a close look at the pics

Very cool, I'll make this change as soon as I can. Also I"m going to try and make the change to the trigger on the handle pump turret gun thingy by ooda, because, if you pull the trigger to far back on the handle pump gun it breaks, so I bet this will help. Thanks to Zak, Mepain, and you. 5*s.


7 years ago

vey nice.

ThiS is the most sequels a gun has ever had! The tr18 has been legendery
Over the years!

lol thanks man... an yeah i feel it is important to continually improve upon a good project to make it as reliable and good as possible for wars... nobody wants their gun breaking on em in a middle of a fight lol


7 years ago