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Check my new avatar, it is top hat-o-licious Answered

Mwahaha, better than all of urs!


Can someone explain this phenomena?

Mmm, seems to me you have not been informed. You see, I have created what's called the Rich Entrepreneur Society for People Entitled to Command Treasures. (R-E-S-P-E-C-T)?

It is a society for the higher class.

There are simply 2 rules:

  • Act rich
  • Talk (write) with a snobby british accent.

The tophat is the current symbol of the R.E.S.P.E.C.T., At least, until we design out crest of Arms.

Some people have started mimicking our attire, something that must be frowned upon.

Good day.

although behind their backs its the dork squad.

Sticks and Stones may Break my bones!

But words will hurt forever.....

I agree, in all seriousness words can hurt far worse than any physical inujury.

no! you say but words will never hurt me. and then i throw a dictionnary at you. and you say: ohhh, the hurt.

Where do we sign up? I quite fancy a top hat for my avatar....


You have already been invited, simply fill out the application:



Keith Keithingont Kidshire, the III
Rank: Really rich

Smart Smarticus Smartonious, The IV (fourth) Rank : Filthy Stinkin Rich ....Do i get in?

I guess, but we all quit weeks ago.....

How's my current avatar? Do fedoras count as tophats?

ill make you a cool coat-of-arms on photoshop if you want, im rather good :P

Hey smart, Wanna collaborate... Been ages since I've collaborated on an imaging thing...

Sure, I'll dig out a base shape, I have a vector file somewhere on the 'puter

We are currently designing it, but if you were to help us, we would gladly accept you, and your help!

ok im definitely up for helping, have you already got an idea ? i could start and do something basic then we could send it around and add features. so do you have an image already or start from scratch

is it a group on instructables? i dont want to join or anything, just curious

is it a group of a sort? or another website? or an instructable?

It's a website, you wouldn't know.

I can! It all Started when keith kid got his new shirt, and also put a top hat on it later, i think coolz modded it that way . Then Keith-kid made one for skate6656, and skate6656 made one for adrian monk

Nah I made that little mistake, now, well... It's kinda funny but mostly just strange...

it's cool though, it's like a bizarre experiment, I add a top hat to KK's dinosaur, he likes it, puts a spin on it and suddenly he's got himself a religious sect...

it is religious, hats and money are your gods! this sorta resembles the keithshianity cult on kitemans orangeboard...

Wrong. This is just a funny club, like a joke really. I do not give a whit about money. It does not matter to me. Same goes for hats. I just think Keith's idea is funny!

> This is just a funny club, like a joke really.

OMFSM ! Poor girl ... she's so naive ........

They lied to you !

RESPECT is the anagram of the SPECTRE !

SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

You should better join our group instead ... (Coolz needs a mum).

explain the keithshanity cult on kitemans orangeboard, then

*Sigh* IT'S A JOKE. He isn't starting a new religion; he's poking fun at Kiteman, who is an athiest.

It's a joke, something along the lines of hat worship... Calm Monk, I'm not trying to offend you... I wasn't defining the sect but I didn't use the word very well in any of the comments, maybe it should be following instead...

Hmm It is kind of a sect then, a sect of 'iblers, the word sect isn't strictly religious these days, that was the original usage of the word though...

I've been a top hat kinda guy for some time, you should know that many of my creations feature hats of varying strangeness, I have a top hat, a bowler hat, a commissar's hat, a crazy legion hat I got on a night out.... Yeah I have some crazy things and possessions... Including a cat with manners

LOL, I've been more of a fedora man, or renaissance cap guy myself....


What the duece? how did that picture attach itself?