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Check out Alyssa's new Instructables Answered

Alyssa Keil is Neighbors Project's great Boston writing intern this summer. She's started putting up some Boston-specific Instructables in the Neighbors Project group. If you're in beantown, check them out.



10 years ago

Yay Boston!
But this constitutes as spam...

I'm not sure it does... The thread has been started in the group specific to the ible, and the message will thus go out to anybody who has joined that group, does not check in very often, but keeps an RSS feed on it.

Only to those people who have chosen to watch the group with an RSS feed.

The reason bumpus and I spotted the thread was because we (well, I, and I guess he) use the "view all" button when we click on the forums - it lists all the threads, in all the groups and fora, with the most recent activity at the top of the list.

Try it, it's very useful to keep an eye on the general zeitgeist.

Yeah, I was only doing my job as a community member! :D