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Check out this Awesome Ship Propulsion System Answered


To see it in action -- click "Open iVSP - Interactive VSP Program" on the bottom half of the page.

Just wondering if anyone got as excited as I did... or at least just as amazed as I was :p


Thanks, I had been looking for more info on this system (I understand how they work, I just couldn't remember the name). It's a pretty awesome application of airfoils.

Got me thinking about turbines, and I found a turbo timeline...


. You come up with the strangest, and most interesting, stuff. Great link.

I found the timeline amusing, there's really no connection between the events left and right. I find it wierd that someone though of putting it out as part of a web-marketing package (or do I...?) L

It s an interesting system, you can buy model ones from Graupner model boats.

yeah...those things are nuts....i think i saw something where the coast guard has a HUGE cutter that's got one of those...could be wrong... it's crazy how you can go forward and reverse or laterally without changing the direction of rotation


10 years ago

Yeah this has been around for a while now, NachoMahma is right, I saw a documentry on the panama cannel and their tugs use this type of propulsion.

. I think Popular Science (maybe Popular Mechanics) had an article on this some years back. Mainly used for tugs and other high-power, low-speed craft, IIRC.