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Checking a battlebot on an airplane? Answered

Most battlebot competitions are far away from me, so I would need to fly to them.  Which leads me to wonder...Can I check a battlebot ( no way they would let me carry-on it)?  I know you can check some dangerous things (bow and arrow).  So  does anyone know if I could check it?




Best Answer 8 years ago

If you have enough time, I'd be inclined to send it by a courier (FedEx etc), and fly to meet it.

That way, you don't have to worry about the airline searches or (worse) the luggage handling staff (have you ever watched them actually handle luggage?  I have - they threw a guitar-case onto the conveyor belt trailer up to the plane, but the conveyor didn't quite reach the hatch - the guitar fell off the top, got dragged round and thrown on again).

Probably best answer. The couriers also have rules, but somewhat different rules, and they're more used to handling weird, fragile, large, and/or expensive stuff.

Just to add to this: Most hotels are perfectly willing to accept and hold packages shipped to folks who have reservations within a few days. If it's huge they may want to charge you a reasonable storage fee. The contest you want to enter it in may also be willing to have you ship it directly to them.

I've seen that done for other kinds of events. Useful trick.

In addition to the other suggestions -- It may be simplest, cheapest, and safest (if you want it to arrive in one piece) to borrow or rent a vehicle and drive. That gives you an excuse to explore the country, too. For shorter trips, it may not even be slower once you include the time and hassle of getting to and from the airport.

If it doesn't contain pressurised gases, charged batteries, explosives, pyrotechnics, corrosives or mercury (not an exclusive list), then, provided that they know at check-in to give the item a special inspection, you can usually travel with machines. I've done it with various bits of kit over the years, not, admittedly a battle-bot.

So...It can have batteries as long as they aren't charged, because it would have to have batteries.

P.S.  I will make sure to double-check with a travel agent

You may find you have to buy batteries at your destination, or ship them separately.


8 years ago

Battle bots are usually really big and heavy.  It'll probably cost an arms and a lag to bring it on the plane.

I'd call an airline to find out.  Let them know what it is, what's inside it, the dimensions and the weight.

.  This is one of those questions that I don't think I would trust to a group of DIYers on the Intertubes. :) I'd call a travel agent or someone else whose job requires them to keep up with current regulations.
.  That said, I'm confident steveastrouk knows what he's talking about.