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Chemical Free Cleaning for a Student? Answered

I am trying to eliminate chemicals in my house. Does anyone have a whole-house cleaning regimen that will do this? Right now I like to spray everything with bleach, let it sit, wipe it down.?

I'm also trying to change a habit of letting everything collect until I clean it all a month later.

I also have a kitty.



8 years ago

Without question white vinegar is your best friend! I also use Bicarbonate of Soda (across the pond- Baking Powder, as Burf said. Bicarb Soda/Cream of Tartar make BS...,er, Baking Powder!).

I have used these two for a couple of decades or more. Not because of the environment, to be honest,-but because they are much cheaper and healthier.

BP- will do the same job as a scouring powder. Mixed with the vinegar-in the drain-it will keep your sink/bathroom sink drains clear.

Vinegar can be used on kitchen surfaces/cleaning off chopping boards/getting the film off shower glass/removing mildew-(use it in a spray bottle, and spray the shower tiles before you take a shower! A washing up brush will remove stubborn mildew)/cleaning windows (use newspaper to rub it on-off/last visit of the night..., put a half cupful down the pan (just slosh in an approximate!)--you will hardly ever need to scrub a toilet if you do this)/it brightens up brass-not spectacularly, but brightens it...use ketchup for a good brass clean.....

Somebody stop me!!!

There are a myriad of uses for these two. Check online.

One thing is for sure;-all these cleaners and polishers, and antiseptic-ers, are unnecessary. They are designed to pick your pocket-not clean your house!!

There is a third thing, but my somewhat advanced years are kicking in. I'm damned if I can remember what it is!!!

Good Luck and seasons greetings.

Dilute solution of acetic acid ? sounds chemical to me.


Well there you go! acetic acid is vinegar...., vinegar is chemical....

Or did you mean mixing it with BP? Therefore are we talking reaction or component?

White Vinegar, Baking soda, Castille soap (it's made from veggies).

This book completely changed the way I clean my house and the products I use to do it.  I highly recommend it.  It's called "Green Housekeeping" and it focuses on common products that improve air quality within the home and are healthy for the environment. Check it out:


Just today I was researching personal grooming with fewer chemicals and found this:


They mention a lot of homemade alternatives for things like window cleaner.  They list products that they generally consider safer to use than others that do the same job. 

It's a very good guide to start with!


8 years ago

Some generally safe household agents good for various cleaning purposes:
White vinegar
Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol
Salt water
dishwashing detergent
Baking soda

Personally I wouldn't spread sodium hypochlorite solution around all over, even diluted with di-hydrogen monoxide. ......

Use plain water? (Oh no, that's a chemical too...)
For what reasons? - People can advise you of different chemicals if they know which ones you don't want to use. Domestic bleach is quite good for a lot of things, then again so it Fairy Liquid...