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Chemicals people would want to make? Answered

Basically I want to know what lab chemicals you want to make, if you know how to make any useful chemicals.
please post, I am not responsible for and injury's, fatality's, or "bad things" of any sort that come from this thread, all things posted here are to assumed for informational purposes only.


I would like to know............ If I use a Potassium Chloride(KClO) electrolyte. An Stainless Steel Cathode (+) and Platinum Anode (-) Will I be left with Potassium Perchlorate(KClO4) crystals on the bottom? Or would I Be Left with Potassium Hypochlorite/Chlorite? And why please. Thanks

I'm assuming there isn't any way to make hexane in your kitchen...?

Hexamite (a cooking tablet at camping stores) + Hydrogen Peroxide + Citric acid. No I don't know the process, I haven't tried it yet.

I want to know more !!!!!! for interest sake only.

I meant Hexamine, and I was confused. See below.

This wouldn't make hexane, nor would it be wise to mix those 3 chemicals together and travel to a British airport under 2 weeks afterward.

You're right, I was thinking of HMTD. Very different. I have no idea why I mixed those two up. But yes, generally explosives+airports=bad. It's basic chemistry.

How can you make food grade KNO3...?

well, KNO3 is Potassium Nitrate, being an Oxidizing agent it will react readily with many substances, like finely ground charcoal, perhaps to speed up the reaction you could use a catalyst such as Iron Oxide or Sulphur. Confining this could cause detonation which is bad and, depending on your location, illegal, i take no responsibility for your idiotic loss of limbs due to lack of thought, planning and common sense.

I am not planing to make bomb. I need The food grade KNO3 for an Irish Christmas dish which is Spiced Beef

Ahh, well, food grade would be difficult to make due to chemicals involved in making, you could get some food grade potassium chloride and sodium nitrate and react them by dissolving them in water, after which cool down the solution to get potassium nitrate from the solution. might as well buy it of ebay XD

"might as well buy it...."

I'd have to agree, since the 'wrong' proportions of the two chemicals you suggest, would yield something with a bit of one or the other left over.....not really a desirable conclusion, especially if you have potassium chloride left unreacted....

It is sad, but when I was MUCH younger, it could be had an many of the local grocers,  off the self,  in 10 oz packages,  used mostly for pickling, or for curing meats.

Can you use ammonia nitrate insted of KNO3 for making black powder.

no, ammonia nitrate is quite unstable. it can become explosive if not handle with care.

you mean you want to make unstable black powder??! thats gonna be fun!! lol

 You could do that, then mix it with red phosphorus, glass, sulfur and potassium chlorate! that'd be MORE fun! >:D

There's a video on youtube about converting ammonia nitrate to potassium nitrate (KNO3). The guy who made the video is RageNurd.

yes (i do not advise the making of homemade black powder though), it would be highly hygroscopic, which may allow for accidental ignition in areas with high humidity. you could solve this via adding paraffin as a binder.

Yes, but it won't be so effective and it will get wet really fast. You can use ammonium nitrate compositions in rockets ot smoke mixes.

Thanks, i was going to use stump remover insted but this is for free most of the time.

you can easily get it in instant cold packs too

I'd like to know how to make hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. They're both extremely useful, and I like to know how the stuff I use a lot is made.

I'm no expert in chemistry(Being I haven't taken a chemistry class yet), but I'm guessing you can just buy this stuff anywhere for cheap, and you don't want to mix it with other chemicals without needing to grow new eyebrows?

Well, Like any hobby this may have its dangers, but when proper precautions are taken it can be safe and fun. many people don't think before they do, and as a result they end up nitrating substances and damaging their bodies, these people either blame it on the authorities for not stopping them, or become more cautious and quiet about their hobbies.

So yes? Nice explanation. "It's not my fault! It's the cops. They could have stopped me, but they stopped for doughnuts! Yeah, that's it...."

Do you know if it's reasonably possible to extract KOH from wood ash, without it turning to carbonate?


Ah, that's the sort of thing, ta L

I think so, I read something a while ago about extracting KOH from wood ash, it involves mixing wood ash with distilled water, stirring for 5 minutes then filtering, I have unfortuneatly never tried this, and so cannot confirm it. I'm wondering, why would the KOH turn to a carbonate?

It picks up carbon dioxide from the air. L

i may well try this out of curiosity, but have no reason to, as i have enough KOH to last me. i'll get back to you if i do... when i have time