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how do u tell if a girl likes u



when they screw with you and pretend not to like you

Ah, we are talking young immature girls then.....I was about to give some advice for a more mature set, but then realized it probably would not apply :-)

well through 8th grade thats what they did maybe in college they start to be nice


10 years ago

Just ask her... ...at gun point. Works every time.

For me it was when they walked up to me and said: You're CUTE. When I knew I wasn't Actually, that never happened..... :-(

Thats a coincidence, that never happened to me too........ Maybe we should form a group? LOL

I was told I walked funny once though LOL When you say it is from riding horses, that normally draws some interest (for some very odd reason) :-)

duh. most girls LOVE horses. even if they don't ride them. idk. there's something so magical and mysterious about them. probably deep down in every girl's psyche, she wants to be a fiary princess who rides off into the sunset on her own black beauty...

well i mean not EVERYONE loves EVERYTHING. so yes. most girls. i have yet to meet a girl that HATES horses, but still. is that you? in the picture by the way? you don't look like you're in highschool...

Gee, I hope I am not in highschool ;-) But I did go a one time (about 32 years ago ;-) Ok, my comment of "most girls" was because I misread your comment. My apologies (which was why I did a quick switch of my avatar to my pic). I seem to be able to get along with the horses myself (even took a few riding lessons back a few years ago, & took my wife on a trail ride during our honeymoon, she loved that, but I enjoyed it even more....I had a really well behaved horse :-)

but your picture's fine. i was just like: "hmm... most people on instructables are pretty smart... but i guess this kid got left back a couple of times."

that's good to hear. i like horses too. i took one english lesson when i was checking out english riding, just for fun... but it was the most horrid experience of my life. i like western better. more chill, more relaxed. fewer rules. and WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY more comfortable. in my opinion.

We had an old horse that loved my kids. They could ride her all day and I always knew she'd get them back safely. She didn't however care for me. Every time I go on her she'd head to the nearest tree and scrape me off!

You could try asking her, but I'm a nerd. Don't listen to me.

Some of us actually mean to do that...

yes. i realized that much. but the one below is sad.

For me it was when they walked up to me and said: You're CUTE. When I knew I wasn't

Ah goodhart has a sense of humour that's warped to say the least... Eh I'll not start on girls, I'll only get slapped again...

cheeky. i love that word. dirty's funny though. no one wants to hear "gee maude, i bet your dad was a theif, cause he stole the stars out of the sky and put 'em in your eyes". "girl, are you wearing space pants? cause yo booty is out of this woooorld" that's more like it. but that's american toilet humor for yah. seeing that you spell it "humour" you're probably not from the states.

I'm from northern Ireland... Eh I have the wit to know how and when to be a charmer, and a bit of tact goes a long way when you're 18... I take it americans are a bit different on the whole pulling thing?

On the bottom of her right big toe, there's a blue flashing LED. If you can get a hold of her foot while talking to her, you'll see that the faster if flashes, the more she likes you. Simple as that.

Last time i saw a blue flashing light when talking to a girl i was in an area of town i shouldn't have been in!!!!

blue ? I thought they used red lights mostly. K-mart has the "blue-light specials" LOL

hahahaha we have orange around here and you cant really tel when they are coming up cus all the streetlights are orange too.

my gosh! you're simply a genius! after all my years of work in the field, i never would have thought - thank you for clearing this up!! I must tell the University!!!

hey cool. and here i was, simply guessing wich one liked me and electronics more. wow. this will make my life soo much easier.
rushes to build pulsating led detector/interpreter

Or you're in the wrong area of town.

how do pick between three

That sounds potentially dangerous! (see kj's comments below) You might be better off with none for a while, and see who's still interesting/interested in a month or two. Avoids the problem nicely.

That's impossible to do because no matter what you end up in a bad position lol

If a girl likes you and she wants to know it will be obvious becasue htey'll flirt shamelessly, If they like but don't want you to know then it's complicated... generally every now and again they go to say something to you and stop, if it's the start of something like 'you're so------' you have to try and guess whether the next word is good or bad from the tone....

When three like you it's all good as long as they don't know eachother, If they do then they fight with eachother and eventually blame you

No it's true, now I know this from experience, I have had something with alot of girls that all come from one school (it's a girls school) and they got mad at eachother for liking me... Then I ended up on the cover of an arts magazine which ended up in the careers room of that particular school, this brought it back up and a couple of my friends from there told me about it, then I ran into one of them in a bar and thankfully she asked me for an autograph... rather than knifed me for her and her friends liking me which is what usuallly happens...

note to self; never go there. is it legal to own a taser there? and here i was, thinking africa was dangerous.

The same thing'll happen don't let them corner you either, girls have a habit of co-operating well under mutual hate... Hence I die, it'll happen anywhere in the world, that and I don't do tasers or hitting girls. I'll happily beat a dude that hits his girl/wife till he's no longer a man or of any discernible origin... that seems to be a good thing in girls eyes, failing that: last resort: Puppy dog eyes, repentance of sin and quick get away...

No all girls are... if provoked, it doesn't help that I know people everywhere over belfast and am well known for some lesser qualities, don't piss girls off is the bottom line, especcially if they know eachother/co-operate...

which one do you actually like more, failing that just go with your gut instinct, or magic 8 ball... lol

a red flashing light....nope I am not going there LOL

it sucks cause they do....guys im afraid i have to choose(do u guys have myspace


10 years ago

she'll make more attempts to talk to you, hang out with you, etc.. She'll try to tell you jokes, and ask you how she looks, and give you little taps on the arm, and other stuff like that. just see how she's behaving, and respond accordingly

quote from the office: angela: "Kevin's making sexually suggestive motions to be, it's making me feel uneasy." michael: "well then you should make sexually suggestive motions back toward him to make him feel unseasy." Kevin: "sweet." I wish the writers would stop the strike... NOW

and they'll ask you seemingly obvious questions just to get your attention (take the hint and strike up a conversation ;] )

There's really no way to tell for sure. Best way is to be a man and go ask her on a date of some kind.