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Child has to build a hut using any of these materials: popsicle sticks, wood, my question is, Huts are straw, mud. Answered

Which material would be best to use: the popsicle sticks or wood? I have no clue about constructing a hut. It needs to be constructed and designed to replicate a hut. HELP! Only thing I know is huts were temporary shelters.



Will any kind of wattle-and-daub hut do, or does it need to resemble the ones made by people of a certain culture and time period?

How big is the hut meant to be, and how long are the lengths of wood? A scale model hut would be easier with popsicle sticks, but a hut big enough for the child to get inside of would be easier with lengths of wood roughly equal to the child's height. Straw-&-mud huts are generally made by mixing the straw into wet mud and shaping the mixture into bricks. The bricks are placed on flat, hard ground to be dried in the sun. Fully dried bricks are stacked into the walls of the hut, using more of the same mud (straw-free this time) as mortar. Wood (or other beam material) is necessary for roof beams to hold up a thatch, palm leaf, or tile roof. If enough wood is available to frame the corners and tops of the walls, that adds structural strength. Even more wood can be used for a plank or shingle roof. You might try searching Google Images under "wood hut" and/or "mud hut" to get an idea of what these kinds of huts can look like.