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Children Medicine Taking Answered

Hi; My 4 yrs boy refuse taking medicine.There is no way except holdin him down. I need home movie clip to learn the right way for holding him down and taking his medicine.


put it in there yogurt and get them to eat the yogurt

Four years old?

Try making it his responsibility to take it himself, not have it given to him.

Tablets? Put them in one of his cups.
Liquid? Put the dose in an oral syringe (your pharmacist will have them)

Put the dose in the bathroom, next to the basin with a drink of fruit juice or a sweet.

Come time to take the medicine, tell him you think he's a big enough boy to look after his own medicine, because he's old enough to understand that if he doesn't take it he knows he'll get too poorly to do (something he likes).

Tell him it's in there beside the basin, when you've taken it come on out and I'll have some (appropriate meal) ready. Watch him through the slightly open bathroom door to make sure he doesn't flush them!

Be patient. If medicine taking becomes a regular fight, every time, then it will stay a fight - at some point, he'll have to medicate himself (even if it's only an aspirin), and he'll have trouble because there'll be nobody to force him.


10 years ago

Put it in a Coke or some ice cream. That worked for me.

Put it in something tasty. If it is a liquid, put it in a smoothie. Pill, I used to put mine in apple sauce.

For my dog we put in some cheese or wrap in a piece of meat. IDK. Good luck!

What kind of medicine ? (capsule ? tablet ? powder ? syrup ?) Did you try mixing the medicine in his food ? My mother was used to do that : - pour the content of capsule into a yogurt or a compote - crush tablet pills between two spoon and incorporate the powder in some food - etc ...


10 years ago

I take it the medicine is vital.... If it's a liquid I would just present it on a teaspoon, then again most liquids taste horrible soo.... maybe think of some way of making seem not so bad, or take their attention/mind off the teaspoon, then slip it in subtly...