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Children's Bed from PVC Answered

Hello out there,
I'm thinking of building a bed from PVC pipe for my 2 1/2 year old so I can move his one year old sister into his crib.  I'm doing some rough sketches of how i want it to look (and I don't have a scanner or the skills to do it in Sketchup) and I was wondering if the community could help me figure out a few things.  If it doesn't have the the following criteria helping me out my wife may not let me know do it.  
First is it has to be weight bearing enough to hold at least one adult on the bed with him if we lay down with him.  Two strong enough for him to jump on.  Third; cost effective!  With all the connections it can add up really quickly and I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and buy him a bed and skip the hero dad bit.


Wow. Two years later?! We actually just bought a bunkbed a few weeks ago!

I would not trust 1" PVC - my own son managed to bounce hard enough to split 4" timber.

Definitely go for the hero dad, but build a timber-framed bed and add a strengthening head board and side-panels from plywood or MDF, which you can shape and colour exactly as your son desires.







It depends on what you need.

Do you need the frame to prevent him from falling or rolling out of bed?

Yes - that would definitely be a preference. But I figured if I could do a 1" pipe structure, with reducers, (like in an instructable that I can't find at the moment) for half of the bed near the head of the bed it would be sufficient.